Love You More – English Lyrics – Read For Free

Love You More – English Lyrics – Read For Free

Love You More – English Lyrics – Read For Free

The English lyrics: Love You More Than Any for your English project would be good enough. Also the lyrics would be changed as per your demand. It’s always our duty to keep our readers abreast of what we do and how we do. Not bothered about more work even after you’ve purchased the Lovely – English lyrics. Glad to do quick after sale service free of costs. Here it goes below:

I…, You More Than Any

I have In My Heart Only You Anne

Good To Know Your Brightness

Your Shine and Your Lightness

Very True Your Love Would Be

If You Think What I Would Be

Come On! We Be together

I’m In Love With You Forever

You Come In My Dream At Night

I Always Think Of You Bright

The Day Sometimes Is Cloudy

Sometimes The Day Is Crowdy

I Want You When The Day Is Sunny

Love You More Than Any

I have In My Mind So Many

I Keep You Held In My Heart

Come On! My Sweetheart

Be a Part Of My Life

Don’t Be Afraid To Be My Wife

Things Are All In Your Way

Just Don’t Keep Me Away

You Love Is Not Blind

Please Be Kind

To Know My Intention

See My Expression

You’re My Love Anne

I have In My Heart Only You Anne

About Love You More Lyrics:

The Lyrics based on a young man wanting to show his love to someone, he loves so much. He’s simply singing for her to come in her way and to know her about him. She’s his neighbor. Yet so near but not too far. She can become his love only when she comes to know all good about him. Let’s hope, both love each other, and it would not be another one-sided love-story.

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