Wednesday, September 27, 2023
Bigg Boss Spoil Sports IPL 2021 Crucial End Games

Bigg Boss Spoil Sports IPL 2021 Crucial End Games

Bigg Boss is a reality show, which’s always shot and edited within 24 hours before its telecast. The IPL is an entertaining cricket T20, watched mostly by cricket fans and to some extent by housewives. Your family wants to watch Bigg Boss. You prefer to know or watch IPL. So, here Bigg Boss spoil sports IPL 2021 crucial end games. The time matches with matches of IPL and Bigg Boss telecast on Television. Salman Khan is presenting Bigg Boss. No one wants to miss. But what about IPL 2021 crucial end games. The playoffs going on.

The IPL 2021 final is on Friday – Oct 15 2021. However, it’s not so disappointing because Bigg Boss too suffering losses due to IPL 2021. The two most watched Television shows has become enemies of each other. IPL is a live cricket show, which no one wants to miss while Bigg Boss spoil sports IPL 2021. In anyway, Indians seems to be fighting to watch IPL 2021 or glued to smartphones for IPL 2021 live cricket. This happens and is happening. Bigg Boss has a reason not to postpone their telecast. IPL 2021’s second crucial part is going on in UAE. Nobody needs to be blamed. It’s a double entertainment for the viewers as some people feel so.

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