BYJUS Pulling Out Shah Rukh Khan Ad Means What

BYJUS Pulling Out Shah Rukh Khan Ad Means What

BYJU’s or BYJUS pulling out Shah Rukh Khan ad means a lot to the fans of SRK (Shah Rukh Khan). Fans condemning this move because they keep on highlighting many things against the move. One thing is the brand BYJUS is learning platform for school students with not too many downloads of the App. BYJUS invested a lot in advertising and marketing only to see school students won’t like the methodology of the teaching process. However, SRK fans keep on criticizing BYJUs pulling out Shah Rukh Khan ad. Another major reason, the fans claim that why didn’t the BJP leader removed when his son rode SUVs on farmers?

The critics also include many experts & Celebrities too. So much of hype given to a losing business BYJUS, which wants to gain more from SRK haters after gaining something from SRK ad. It’s a funny thing BYJUS has a good business sense while the platform is not so worthful for the students. Tried too much with SRK and that’s not a story in short. People say BYJUS did so to SRK, where SRK wasn’t responsible of using drugs or narcotics because his son Aryan Khan also not proved guilty. The reason is to save money to wind up business. That’s a good ploy to come up with another way of providing education. This way, BYJUS can spend more money to change teaching process, which would be helpful.

No need of anymore ads for BYJUs at present to change Brand Ambassador SRK to anyone else. Yet, BYJUS will come out with something worthful in sometime.

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