SRK Blocked On Twitter Says Naina Raathore Few Words Logically

SRK Blocked On Twitter Says Naina Raathore Few Words Logically

A most active thinker and creator of mocking tweets against injustice to highlight hatred spreaders. An anti fascist activist against Islamophobia. Multilingual Naina Raathore believes in human rights and human duties aren’t negotiable. Shah Rukh Khan or SRK blocked on Twitter says Naina Rathore logically this way before revealing atrocities over Kashmiri Muslims. Over 700 Kashmiri Muslims abducted and jailed since a fake propaganda circulated about terrorists attack in Kashmir. However, it’s interesting to know why SRK blocked on Twitter? Logical statement is for Bhakts (Blind followers of fascist rulers). She went this way to mock:

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Naina Raathore tweeted: “Bhakts: I’ve blocked SRK on Twitter referring @iamsrk. Haan Tab Hi Bichara Pareshan Sa Lag Raha Tha”. Means I’ve blocked SRK. At that moment, he was worried. The mocking tweets of Naina Rathore comes everyday revealing the truth with great sense of humor. Today, she exposed over 700 Terrorist sympathizers arrested report, claiming innocent Muslims arrested and targeted. She means when so much armed forces keep on killing and troubling Kashmiris then how media can speak such lies to please the Bhakts.

Yes, after article 370 and 35A revoked, it was told to Indians that terrorism in Kashmir is finished, where there was no terrorism at all. The reason to come forward with this report: SRK blocked on Twitter… is to highlight lies of media and misuse of powers. Powers won’t last for long. Once and in response people would be in deep trouble. Bring back India on top. Revive economy. Create jobs. Do justice with farmers. Need to be addressed first, but attentions diverted to go on in any direction.

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