Job Interview Basics Ignored Defeat Top Jobseekers

Job Interview Basics Ignored Defeat Top Jobseekers

The basics of any platform or just anything are so crucial in one’s life to know more learn. It’s simple to learn the basics any job role, yet the most sad thing is job interview basics ignored, defeat talented and deserving top jobseekers. A recruiter may ask you. He or she firstly prefer to know about you. They call you when interested in you after going through your resume. Firstly, they call you and say: “Mr. X, you applied for the X role”. And immediately you respond saying a lot than required. You should be glad at least calls coming in. However, you say many things in order to show your high class communication skill. Wait!

  1. Did you picked the phone thinking, you’ll grab the job opportunity?
  2. Are you so happy that your application passed the first step as you got a call?
  3. Where you rate yourself?
  4. Why you want to work?
  5. Why you want to relocate?
  6. What’s the reason for you to leave current job?
  7. Why you’re so disturbed having no work?
  8. Why you want to work for experience?
  9. What’s your short-term goal?
  10. Why you prefer to work on low salary?

Ask yourself these above 10 questions. You wouldn’t be surprised that sometimes job interview basics ignored, defeat you even you have full control and knowledge. The trend is not that recruiters or employers not aware of your intention. The way you performed well in the interviews and even then you didn’t got a job? That’s the worry.

Know All Answers To Above 10 Questions

  1. As a genuine jobseeker, you picked the phone in enthusiasm to impress the employer. You leave everything behind and even forget to ask the interviewer his name and from which company, he or she called you.
  2. Well, you might be happy to pick the phone. The trend is do challenging jobs. But the interviewer knows that you applied to his company to earn good money and work not so hard.
  3. Often people won’t leave their current company, where they’re happy with their colleagues. You should sell yourself at a high price in order to rate yourself the best.
  4. You want to work in a company because you’re jobless or have experience and working currently on a low salary. Still for a long-term goal to achieve you compromise. You’re rated so poorly because your demand is just too low to work on a 10% or 30% hike.
  5. When you want to relocate, always ask double your current salary or even more.
  6. This is important question, most of us give lame excuses. The best reason to leave current org is not that because of redundancy, the best is to upgrade yourself.
  7. Don’t be disturbed. If you have skills and talent plus education, you’ll get your desired job. Having no work for a time, is nothing bad. You can see millions lost their jobs. Be optimistic.

Before 8, 9, 10…Just a reminder…

You know, employers consider your salary as expenses or CTC (cost to company). You’re no more an investment to the company even if you work for the growth of the company. That’s nothing but, you should work always for the growth of the companies, which will be your job satisfaction. However, most companies do not exceed a single dollar to the budget, they’ve already set for annual celebrations (parties) to please their employees. So, is it fair to sacrifice your budget, which you set to cope with, and buy a job for a low salary? Your budget for your monthly expenses maybe around 60k INR, and you’re willing to work for 40k INR. Is it fair? Please read below and even below too.

  • 8. Most of the people want to work just for experience in order to fulfil their ambitions later on. Don’t ever do that. Try your best to choose the best company without negotiation, the salary you demand and you should work to grow within the company. Don’t worry if you fail in too many interviews. Keep applying. Update your resume or CV.
  • 9. Ask this question to yourself and answer it. You’ve learned a lot until here.
  • 10. Don’t work on a low salary ever. Learn a lot, improve your knowledge, develop your skills, and much more. UpGrad. Visit this In Hand Writer again and know more.

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