America In Crises Not To Be Called As Superpower

America In Crises Not To Be Called As Superpower

The largest economy has now in huge loans to payoff. Situation of the pandemic, not yet controlled though it has nothing to do with rise of prices and poverty. America still can continue to be a superpower if threats from China and Russia understood. America in crises, when previously, former President Donald Trump also kept saying: “Will make America great again”. Now, it was learned that even Joe Biden trying hard and saying similar words.

America will no more be a superpower, say experts. The crises in America is more than just rise of prices. Price inflation hurting the citizens. The way America used to control the world have to fightback to become great again. America won’t bother to payoff the loans it has taken from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia won’t mind, yet huge money of Saudis in American banks also would not be released.

“Will make America great again” means America in crises and has to do something great to recover. If America is great and a superpower then why say: “Make America great again”. This will go on and on until if something good, upon which the President Joe Biden tries hard.

He needs to point out and study why China and Russia are unafraid of America. Both countries are determined and planning their way towards progress. China has already defeated poverty. There are zero poor people in China. Russia is bold enough to criticize the not so recent role of America in Afghanistan.

The defeat of America at the hands of Taliban speaks volumes. If America in crises no more, then call America a superpower. Nobody stops you Mr. President Joe Biden. Yet you want to make America great again, Mr. Biden?

Act Justly

Great wouldn’t happen if America won’t speak in favor of justice anywhere. Justice delayed is justice denied.

Just saying few words to India’s PM Narendra Modi about democracy. The lessons from Kamala Harris and Joe Biden to PM Narendra Modi wouldn’t help.

What America needs to do is more than the capacity America holds currently. Why not accept that there was no loss than losing Trillions in Afghanistan? Yes, America lost a lot even though American companies were benefited with huge money spent in Afghanistan. So, America left Afghanistan, leaving Afghans in crises.

The more America ignores the atrocities anywhere in the world, the more less great it would become.

Speak in favor of the oppressed people and take actions rather than ignoring the crimes of oppressors. Policies too clever won’t last for long if hypocrisy prevails. Won’t America knows what’s the situation in Palestine, Afghanistan, India, and so on to name a few?

Come forward, it’s not the game of cards to use tricks and believe in winning huge money. You’ve to work upon human right violation and also to follow various conventions. It’s not that America in crises worrying many countries. But the crises of atrocities around the world over innocents need to be addressed. Look into the eyes of oppressed people. What they think of? And what they want?

Why America in Crises?

India’s troops either doing suicides or falling prey to Chinese troops. You know the latest news from Kashmir? Well, Kashmiris are fighting hard against atrocities. When atrocities increase, innocents won’t worry about their troubled lives to comeback and return to fight. India keeps on releasing fake reports. This is a crime to put the country in trouble. America used Pakistan as a puppet decades back. Now, America using India as a puppet. This won’t help America to grow and fight against the rising forces of China.

How Kashmiris treated 7 India’s armed forces (troops)? Kashmiris fought hard and as many as 7 India’s troops killed. That’s the way to fight without depending upon any country or the United Nations to do a good cause. America will show blind eyes if India wants any help because the current situation of America is to prepare to fight against China. India’s troops also seen in a viral video, where Chinese troops troubled them so much that India’s troops unable even to walk. America plays an outside role to play selfishly ignoring atrocities against innocents. This way, America in crises and America will be in deep trouble.

A great country will be a superpower when the country shows greatness. Here, America pulled off from Afghanistan, and was defeated by Taliban, which no one appreciates, what way Taliban was able to fight too well. Superpower America needs to do so much in favor of innocents else America in crises and will be more in crises. America wouldn’t be a superpower as earlier according to the experts, who believes.

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