Fake Employers Cheating Writers By Providing Test Articles

Fake Employers Cheating Writers By Providing Test Articles

The content industry has become so cheap that there are almost many fake employers to steal well written articles. They use Google forms are a way to contact creative content writers, providing them “test articles”. The optimistic creative content writers produce compelling articles in no time and wait. No answer or a reply whatsoever comes in their way from these fake employers. Fake employers cheating writers to steal their best articles. The trend is going on and as the aspiring jobseekers wait and what they get in return is “no reply”.

The writers or creative content writers so delighted when approached that they also show their best communication skills. However, they’ll be told to send their portfolio of their best articles or stories and scripts or books. And in that process, they’ll also be told to write a test article for assessment or to know how well they write in order to get hired. Poor job hunters, mostly creative content writers respond honestly, but to their knowledge, they were told that their articles are not up to the level best.

However, it was learned that these fake employers cheating writers to gain more than benefit writers with jobs. After all what these writers want? A fair monthly income, which can motivate them to work hard more.

Creative content writers won’t realize that all their work would be stolen and with a few changes, their articles would be used for sale. This way, fake employers killing the hopes of the writers to live a happier life. Fake employers do provide a topic on which the writers told to write the best articles, and from there these writers cheated.

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