Unique Love Story Circles Bit Around 3

Unique Love Story Circles Bit Around 3

A fresh unique love story for me is as interesting to write as you read my articles and other content. You’re fond of interesting content right? So, here we go. Two guys have been living as room partners in Mumbai. They’re working in two different companies. They share their stories with each other as what they have done each day. These two guys are of the age 23 and 25 respectively. Amish is two year older than Anil. Both don’t mind age difference and become close friends.

Amish is senior to Anil in age but a close friend, which keeps their friendship go on while they both work in two different companies. Timings are similar, 9 to five for both of them. One leaves his room earlier than the other.

Amish have to travel a not so long distance to reach his workplace, and so he wakes up a bit earlier. Anil takes time to sleep a bit late and gets up a bit late as his office is nearby. Amish used to say Anil that he wants to move, and find a room near his workplace or office. Anil always convinces him to stay with him as he likes Amish a lot. Both agree to live together to achieve their goals in order to have a good experience working in Mumbai to work in Dubai later. Ambitions are similar and their work profile also similar. Both work as salesmen.

They’re gaining sales experience in order to work in Dubai as marketing executives. They know marketing demand in Dubai is evergreen.

Amish (senior) and Anil (junior) live together and they’ve Sunday as the only off day to spend more time with each other. They go out on Sundays and spend their time in a restaurant. They don’t cook on Sundays.

Unique Love Story Begins

Right opposite to their hostel at Carter road, there lives a girl with her parents. Her home, where the three broadminded people live. The girl Anita is the only daughter of her not so young parents. Anita is 21 year old. Well, A, A, and A all three characters have names starting from alphabet “A”. Amish, Anil and Anita. It would be nice to know their parents names too. In this unique love story as an example, everything similar happens to what happens in Bollywood more often. No, in reality too this can happen, incidentally.

On a Sunday evening Amish was taking a nap. Anil was feeling bored. He moves out to have some coffee all alone because in their hostel, no food or drink provided on Sundays. The cooking staff has a day’s holiday or an off per week. Anil steps out and he sees a beautiful-vivacious girl coming towards him. He was shocked. No, he was too much struck hard as if he found a gold mountain for free. Even more than that. The beautiful girl is none other than Anita.

She politely asks this 23 year old Anil, “is there any medical shop open nearby”. Anil asks to clear the picture, inquiring as he’s also not from Mumbai. Anita replies, “yes recently we moved here from Pune. This is good place (Carter road) but it’s tough to find a medical shop. My father’s company transferred him here”. “Oh I’m also from a village working in Mumbai since six months”. Says Anil. “You’re so beautiful”. Also quips Anil. “hmmm. Thank you, says 21 year old Anita. The unique love story goes on and on until something strange happens, but!

But Cleverly

Anil wants to help her. He’s clever. He says let’s walk along together and find the medical store (Pharmacy). She agrees. Both Anita and Anil walk along together and ask people there at Carter road to help them find the pharmacy. They get one and Anita thanks Anil and that’s not all over for sure. Anil after shopping for medicines with Anita, drops her at her home, walking together with her. He tries so much to speak as much as he can because he’s so much impressed with her beauty. Anita’s parents also not from Mumbai. They’re from Pune. Parents are very practical and also looking for a nice gentleman to get their daughter married to.

Unique Love Thoughts Interrupted

Anil slips inside his room slowly, and notices Amish was sleeping. He sits on the bed resting his back on the pillow. Thinks about 10 minutes and all about Anita. He thinks Anita is too beautiful, and she’s in his thoughts. How he walked along with her, and what they spoke with each other during the time they spent together. 10 minutes vanishes.

Alas! Amish wakes up and says: “Anil! Why didn’t you wake me up it’s 5:30PM now”. This shakes Anil and he comes in reality from dreaming about Anita. So, he asks Amish: “What we’ll have for dinner tonight. I’m giving you a party”. That’s so pleasing to Amish that he gleefully says: “Biryani”. At the nearby Biryani Point hotel, both have a tasty mutton Biryani at around 8:PM.

Next day is the working day. Amish was in the office at not so far, but in a Mall, where he’s working since one year. Anil also works in a footwear showroom since 6 months as salesman but very near to their room at Carter road. Amish’s new boss (manager) was too much happy with his work. He says, “come on my dear, I’m increasing your salary, you’re doing good job, I’m your new manager, Raj Gupta”.

Happy Amish thanks his manager. His manager says Amish, to come and visit his home for dinner. Glad Amish says, “what’s the address sir?”. Raj Gupta (his manager) says “opposite to your hostel and a blue gate home”. “Oh I know that’s exactly opposite”.

Amish prepares himself dresses too good. He’s fair and handsome. Anil is also handsome, but strong and gentle dark.

The Dinner Surprise

Amish knocks the door of his manager Raj and to his surprise a beautiful girl opens the door and kindly lets Amish to enter the home. Amish was impressed with the beauty of the girl and thinks for few seconds: “hmm…my manager let her daughter to open the door to welcome me, it’s something good going to happen”.

Well, they sit together. Amish shuffling his sight on and off the girl. Raj Gupta notices this and says: “She’s my daughter Anita. You both sit and talk while I help my wife to prepare food for all of us”. He leaves both Anita and Amish. Anita reminds Amish about his good work as a salesman in her dad’s office. Both have fun together. Amish looks at Anita’s eyes and speaks romantically. Murmuring within himself as a repetition of whatever he’s speaking every minute. Glad to see both having pleasure of sitting together.

Amish & Anita Together Alone

With an hour’s togetherness alone to have a nice conversation, both Amish and Anita come close to each other in quick-time. “What you’ve studied, MBA or”. Asks Anita to Amish. Amish says “I’m just 25 year old. I did Bachelor’s in marketing and looking forward to work in Dubai to earn more”. “Yes, you should. What’s your plans after securing a job in Dubai, just asking, don’t mind”. Says Anita politely.

“No, not at all, I don’t mind. I will marry and enjoy my life”. “So, who’s the lucky girl in your mind?”. Asks Anita. Amish boldly says, “Please don’t mind”. He continues taking all her dad’s consideration running in his mind and her dad also left Anita with him for sometime. He says, “don’t mind if I say something practical”. Anita says, “obviously I won’t mind at all. Anil responds smilingly. “Will you marry me”.

Anita thinks for a while, but her parents come serving the dinner. They all four have good non veg spicy dinner together. That’s not over yet. So, Amish have to leave because it’s already 10:PM.

Before & After Dinner

Amish comes back and to his surprise he sees Anil was cleaning the room. It’s a surprise because always Amish used to clean the room. Anil was singing too. Amish enters and says the story of what happened and where he did his dinner and also met his manager’s daughter Anita. Anil hurt a lot more shockingly, but he was also happy for his friend Amish. This unique love story takes another turn.

Everything just becomes too clear for Anil. He needs to think for sometime. He removes Anita from his mind and heart. After few months of the unique love story, which goes on and on between Amish and Anita, Anil just ignores and thinks what happened has happened. Amish deserves Anita than him. Thinks Anil. He then moves on.

The unique love story circles around three a bit for Anil but he met Anita only once. Amish and Anita got engaged and soon both Anil and Amish move to Dubai. Both find good jobs and then it was what you never think of. Both Anita and Amish get married and live happily while Anil looks for an arrange marriage.

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