China Tests Hypersonic Missile To Put America Down

China Tests Hypersonic Missile To Put America Down

China tests hypersonic missile of the range of 6,200kmph. The hypersonic missile is a new fresh experiment by China. It appears as if to create fear for American President Joe Biden and American intelligence. Hypersonic missiles can travel at a speed more than five times the speed of sound. Hypersonic-technology though already in the hands of America and Russia, then it’s not so worrying for America when China tests hypersonic missile. However, America was looking forward to attack China in sometime, would take huge steps backwards.

China would be number 1 challenge for America to compete with. China is growing in a rapid pace, which keeps America in fear. India also working on hypersonic missiles. The recent test China did with hypersonic missile have pushed America back. What America looking for would also be termed as wasteful because 40% of households in America suffering financially.

China already defeated poverty and has achieved progress to benefit people of China because of “ZERO” poverty figure in the country. America was supposed to be a threat for China. But things changed so drastically that China is threatening and challenging America.

China also trying hard to occupy Taiwan. Already during Taiwan’s national day, China used Taiwan’s airspace for an airshow of military aircrafts. That’s different story, but China tests hypersonic missile belittles America’s hope to be a solo superpower. India’s unreasonable fear from China continues. Also India never accuses China. Anything is possible if India keeps ignoring China’s offenses.

Key Notes

  • What is Hypersonic Missile
  • China continues to keep India’s troops in trouble
  • India’s internal matters
  • China’s investment
  • Who will be next to Russia
  • What’s more than just China tests hypersonic missile

What Is Hypersonic Missile

A hypersonic missile can’t be detected and would not likely to be defended. The direction of hypersonic missile can also be adjusted. So, the hypersonic missile can reach the target easily. Russia also has hypersonic missile and America too. However, America was only aware of China’s capabilities to fight at their best against the neighbors but can’t fight against America. This shows poor abilities of American intelligence again. The entire diameter of earth or around the globe takes to 12,756 kilometers to travel in order to complete the journey of earth in one way round.

However, the hypersonic missile made by China can travel around the globe in a speed of 6,200kmph. This means China can make its hypersonic missile to travel around the globe in just two hours.

India Needs To Think About Internal Issues

India is working on hypersonic missile is a good news though few other countries also working upon this dangerous missile system. China keeps humiliating India, killing and injuring India’s troops and occupying India’s territories. Pakistan and India are the two arch rivals and would remain as the two nuclear powered rival countries besides few others. There will be no wars between India and Pakistan or no fake surgical strikes to gain political mileage.

The reason is simple if India goes on with another surgical strike on the vacant area of Pakistan, then Pakistan would retaliate. Once Pakistan returned India’s pilot as peace gesture when the neighbor caught the pilot after the surgical strikes on Pakistan’s vacant area.

This time Pakistan would do something different. So, India needs to rebuild and has ample time always than playing politics to create false claims. India needs to at least work upon reviving economy and helping the poor or jobless people. Do something good for the people of India as an “internal matter”. Solve India’s “internal matters” then.

What’s Good For India When China Tests Hypersonic Missile?

It’s better for India than threatening Pakistan or Bangladesh just for political gains. Even Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina warned PM Narendra Modi against atrocities on minorities in India. The atrocities against minorities in India are going on since a longtime. But to gain political mileage, PM Narendra criticized Bangladesh for attacks on the Hindu minorities. In response Sheikh Hasina warned Narendra Modi if India continues to trouble their minorities then these things would happen and continue to happen.

Why China Tests Hypersonic Missile?

America, Russia, and North Korea besides China holds this hypersonic missile technology. India also working upon this technology since a very longtime (2 Decades). China tested hypersonic missile successfully in order to show that China is free from poverty. And also free from fearing countries like America. This puts America to fear that China will not be challenged on any matter. Again, China is the number 1 threat for America to become world’s next superpower. Till now America used to be called as superpower, but not anymore. America has clear internal issues that what India falsely claims. America will take a third place next to China, and Russia.

China achieved a lot to make a mark in keeping America afraid of any war or using any territory to sabotage CPEK. India tried hard to dismantle the high profile China’s project CPEK (China Pakistan Economic Corridor). China already invested huge money for CPEK and neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc. excluding India. Also China invested in UK and in Africa.

CPEC can strengthen trade in regional states. The corridor already constructed. It’s a gateway of trade between China, and few other countries including Pakistan and Africa. So, China is determined to grow as much as possible. Thus, there’s no option for America to fight or do something silly, which would defeat America again. This achievement clearly say China tests hypersonic missile to keep third world war away, and as far as possible.

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