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SA Since Warmup Vs Pak Is No 5 Contender For WC T20 Final

SA Since Warmup Vs Pak Is No 5 Contender For WC T20 Final

South Africa looks comfortable at present hot and humid conditions of the UAE (United Arab Emirates). The weather is similar to what India and Pakistan already experienced couple or more months back. However, in South Africa, the weather is more hot than India, Pakistan and UAE. The top teams lineup starts 1 to 5: India, Australia, England, Pakistan, and South Africa (SA). 1 is top and South Africa worth to fit in fifth spot. SA since warmup vs Pak is likely to be at the fifth place in the race to the finals of the World Cup T20.

However, it’s too early to say as this is the initial stage of the T20 World Cup. But experience and knowledge of cricket need not be ignored.

Sometimes it makes experts to learn from warmup matches about the abilities of the players. Experts say India is on top position comes next is Australia. England, Pakistan and South Africa or SA since warmup game against Pakistan likely to be in fifth position. This means South Africa couldn’t make into the Semi Finals? No, the likeliness of the top teams from level 1 India to level 5 South Africa would make into the final. Winner of the final could be any country. That’s an assumption if you’re following our articles always written this way generally.

It’s tough to please every country, but the statistics speak India could make into the finals. Next would be Pakistan. An India Pakistan final looks unlikely, however a good India vs Pak match is upcoming soon on Oct 24.

Pak Can Learn More After Losing Warmup To SA

Even if Pakistan enters the top four last position, the Pakistani cricketers have the potential to win the T20 World Cup final this time. South Africa picked two quick wickets against Pakistan at the start of the match during powerplay. That’s what the good and even better team SA did, but Fakhar Zaman played a class T20 innings and retired when he was hitting hard. Runs about to come in quick pace, but to make others play he left to sit and watch the warmup game.

However, South Africa performed too good in the field. Their fielding is too good as usual. Proteas have something to do more with their batting to leave India behind. Looks like India can defeat Pakistan on Oct 24.

Anything is possible in the game of cricket, but good coach, good captain, and good practice counts a lot. You can’t ignore Australia’s and England’s performance in the warmup games though India and Pakistan played so far good cricket. South Africa or SA since warmup vs Pak not so confident because a great or herculean effort required from the SA team to win the final. Either India or Pakistan likely to win World Cup T20 Trophy.

India got a big relief when Pakistan lost to South Africa. That was close finish. Pakistan learned few lessons. But as an India’s fan It’s good to sleep nicely before Oct 24 when India can from there play good cricket on Oct 24. Not just thinking too much to defeat Pakistan, but it helps when any country defeats Pakistan in order achieve a win in the final. The first goal should be to enter Semis and then look for the final.

SA Since Warmup Vs Pak Made India Change Strategy

India would be looking to pick as many quick singles as possible against Pakistan’s top bowlers, and then India also can use the pace to hit big boundaries. If India win’s Oct 24 match against Pakistan then it’s a bonus for India to begin T20 World Cup in a style. South Africa played badly against Pakistan in order to win the match, but to test their top batters to allow them play Pakistan’s fiery attack. Yes, one or two batsmen could have easily retired to allow other batters have a go even if this warmup game finishes in Pakistan’s favor.

A poor strategy from South Africa allowed Pakistan to learn more and then SA also made India to change strategy. India would play good cricket to win even when batting first or second against Pakistan. World Cup match against Pakistan mattered a lot than winning the final to clinch the trophy in the past for India. However, Australia, England, West Indies and South Africa think differently than India and Pakistan.

Also young India unlike Sachin Tendulkar wants to do big. They want to win against Pakistan and also grab World Cup trophies. Tendulkar spoke a lot about his sleepless nights before India vs Pakistan World Cup match. That’s his interest, which was limited to win always against Pakistan than do more.

Which 3 India’s Players Need To Improve

  1. Virat Kohli
  2. Hardik Pandya
  3. Shardul Thakur

3 Key India’s Performers:

  1. Rohit Sharma
  2. KL Rahul
  3. Mohammed Shami

However, SA since warmup vs Pak showed a lot to others, the way T20 match needs to be played against Pakistan. SA needed 19 runs of the last 20th over and the batters have to face Pakistan’s top bowler Hassan Ali. SA made that possible and won the warmup game easily at the end to put Pakistan’s morale down. But Pakistan achieved a lot from this match, which would be seen on Oct 24 (Sunday).

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