World Cup Teams Trying Warmup Games To Win Not Helpful

World Cup Teams Trying Warmup Games To Win Not Helpful

You’ve seen or watched from anywhere how West Indies and England played against Pakistan and India respectively. They (West Indies and England) played warmup games a bit better than both India and Pakistan even losing T20 games. Warmup games are just to make sure having 120 balls to bowl and to bat. What Pakistan did was tried their best to win warmup game against West Indies. Didn’t allowed other bowlers or batters to regain form or practice in order to look forward winning the T20 trophy. India also like few other World Cup teams trying warmup games at their level best to win, not going to help.

Every captain need to divide 120 balls by 6. It’s 120/6 = 20 balls. So, good players need to play 20 balls at their best. 3 balls they should defend in each over they face in order to get going to taste best balls and pick singles. After that try hitting final 3 balls at their best, and retire after facing 20-30 balls. So, a minimum of 4-6 players will get practice from each World Cup top team. World Cup teams trying warmup games desperately to win isn’t fair. The strategy is get used to the conditions and bat and bowl accordingly.

Batting out tasting initial three deliveries to defend is a good option. Bowlers should look for wickets. That’s the way to play warmup games rather than wanting to win. England played well though they lost to India. So did the West Indies against Pakistan. Top teams most likely to win T20 World Cup would be either England or Australia. Who knows the outcome, but looking at the warmup games, the way played so far, it looks like England or Australia the top two.

Why Not World Cup Teams Try Warmup Games To Win?

It’s good to win any game whether it’s for charity or for fundraising. Every team wants to beat the other team even playing at your backyard, teams want desperately to win. However, international cricket is something different for World Cup T20 captains to approach differently in order to allow their hard-hitting batters play. Every batter should play a minimum of 20-30 balls in a 120 ball game. All one batter consuming as much as 80 deliveries or even 60 deliveries is no good. Try your bowlers just to bowl to claim wickets and avoid bowling no-balls.

Practice makes you perfect. The opportunity for India and Pakistan is there to play against Australia and South Africa after playing England and West Indies. So, play cleverly, allow as much of your best players to bat as much you allow your best bowlers to bowl. Best bowlers should be allowed to bowl a maximum of two overs. Rest try your other bowlers if you’ve 7 bowling options. Likewise, batsmen should be allowed so. Batters need to spend time. Virat Kohli needs to spend time on the crease before trying hard to hit sixes or fours. Desperately trying to win T20 World Cup warmup games should not be in the minds of the captains.

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