Hardik Pandya To Time The Ball After Hitting Winning Six

Hardik Pandya To Time The Ball After Hitting Winning Six

The case for Hardik Pandya is different as he more often uses his power to hit big sixes. But looking the way Pandya played against Australia to finish India on a winning side in the recent warmup game, it was good. However, Pandya to time the ball more often than using his power can be not helpful. Top players know how to time the ball and even use their power to hit sixes. Timing and power are the factors for top hitters to play at a better strike rate as much as scoring a 50 off just 30 balls. That’s helpful to the team more if a player includes his power more often than looking to time the ball.

Is Hardik Pandya at his best or keenly interested in timing the ball rather than use his power and skills? We’ve always seen many top edges go for a six and a boundary benefits the scoreboard with inside edges. If the pace of the ball or the speed used by the batters as mostly KL Rahul uses to hit big boundaries. Rahul is different player than Pandya and so is Rohit Sharma. All have difference in techniques to play World Cup at their best for another good win against Pakistan on Oct 24. This means Pandya to time the ball is not his natural game. His skills and techniques quite different to Suryakumar Yadav or Ishan Kishan to name a few.

Teach your best players like Pandya to play according to how he used to play as a match-winner. Don’t teach him more about timing though he had hit a brilliant well-timed six to finish the warmup game against Australia. That was timing and power. Let’s know more.

Does Hardik Pandya Fits At No 4

Batting order for India is not at all worrying, and the way Rohit Sharma consolidates his innings to up the ante later on always amazing. Hardik Pandya can play at no 4 and if possible Virat Kohli should follow him at no 5. This can give momentum if India bats first or even bats second. Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul can open the innings to place Suryakumar Yadav at no 3 when if the first wicket falls early or after the powerplay. It would be good at the fall of second wicket Pandya promoted to play as a no 4 batter. This is T20, you need to follow this kind of batting order consistently if you want as a captain to win World Cup T20.

Hardik Pandya scored 14 in his 8 ball innings against Australia in the recent warmup. He hit a very good well-timed six. His timing become too good after he faced 7 balls. So, it’s good to allow Pandya play at no 4. Definitely, Hardik Pandya deserves no 4 position after Suryakumar Yadav in all the T20 matches of the World Cup. If not then why play Pandya as a batsman than an allrounder. Use his best and push up the scoring rate to look for big wins.

It’s not either good for Pandya to use timings or technique always. His power and skills need to be utilized. Pandya to time the ball always not necessary.

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