Ramiz Raja Says Baber Azam Plays With Ease To Hit Sixes

Ramiz Raja Says Baber Azam Plays With Ease To Hit Sixes

Ramiz Raja former cricketer turned commentator and now Chairman of PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) says Virat Kohli plays with ease. He also mentioned Babar Azam, the current Pakistan captain to learn playing cricket in an orthodox way. The ease with both players play good cricketing shots to hit fours or sixes should be worth watching to learn. “In cricket technique matters a lot and not just slogging. You need to play the ball the way it’s bowled not in the favor of the bowler, who wants you to make mistakes”. Ramiz Raja says much more to know. Read more.

PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja says Virat Kohli and Baber Azam are the two best players. He didn’t include Rohit Sharma and many others just to name a few. If he had to name few others, he could also have included English players.

What Ramiz Raja said; today’s match between South Africa and Australia went that way when SA wanted to slog. SA ended up fighting hard later on at 118/9 against decent Oz attack. They tried their best to fightback in order to defend 119, couldn’t do so but played at their best in the second half. 118 looked like 180 to the Oz batters and at the end match went in favor of Australia. South Africa managed to learn a lot. Hitting the ball too hard always can’t win you matches. “T20 still can be played with ease as how Baber Azam and Virat Kohli play”. Said Ramiz Raja.

West Indies also played rash strokes to score quick runs. It looked West Indies were thinking too much to score more than 150. But even if they had scored a total of 130 runs. That was enough had their bowlers and fielders did just what they showed tonight. Be patient score quickly while playing good orthodox cricket rather than go for the slog. You never know your reverse sweep or scoop would be the fall of your wicket. Many other wickets would also follow.

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