India To Target 160 Batting First To Defend Bowling Pakistan Out

India To Target 160 Batting First To Defend Bowling Pakistan Out

India batting first probability is more because Pakistan even if wins the toss opts to field first. On the other hand India would prefer to bat first after winning toss. It means in both cases whether losing or winning the toss, India would bat first. That’s how India to target 160 batting first, but over 200 would be a bonus. If India wants desperately to score quick runs then it would be likely that wickets keep falling. This way India would end their innings to a less than 140 total of runs, where a few cameos late in the innings would not be enough. Bowlers will be in pressure if Pakistan keeps attacking India once or twice every over while picking singles at will.

India to target 160 batting first or chase a total not more than 160. This means either India should score more than 160 or restrict Pakistan to about 160 or less. This way it would be rather high scoring match depends upon, who keeps nerves. Efforts would more than winning the match, but winning the match desperately. This would hit Pakistan hard if they try scoring quick runs even if 4 balls of any over produces 10 runs. The final two balls of the over will be the wicket falling balls. Mistakes would come out from nowhere as the batters would be responsible to play good cricket.

The bowlers would not be in too much pressure and would bowl at good length. If India tries too hard to score more than 160 without setting a target of 160 to begin then there will be in pressure start developing. The innings would end not surprisingly as one wicket claimed would be followed by too many quick wickets. Sunday Oct 24 2021 match would be interesting to watch. which starts at 7:30 PM. IST.

Pakistan’s Weakness

The aggressive intent against any team with which Pakistan players bowl and bat is their primary weakness. Further, hitting big boundaries for four initial balls of the over makes Pakistani batters to score more quick runs, so the wickets fall. Pakistan against India played not too much cricket and also not played IPL T20. T20 World Cup needs experience of playing IPL (Indian Premier League), which Pakistan lacks. Pakistan can easily bowled out for a low score when three wickets fall in the powerplay of six overs.

Spinners would be the game changers for India to fightback when Pakistan plays the powerplay without losing any wicket. Pakistan bowlers aren’t so scary for India. They can’t bowl their best balls in the death overs.

India’s Weakness

India is rated among the top teams in all formats of the game of cricket. Team India has some weakness too. Rohit Sharma starts slowly to build his and consumes at least 20 balls to score 15 odd runs initially. If this is India’s strength when Sharma plays too good in the second half of his innings at a strike rate almost 200. It’s again a weakness if he’s got run out or out in any fashion after consuming too many deliveries. India’s best hard-hitting batters would be given chance to play as many deliveries as possible.

If India thinks about dew and after winning the toss to bat second, then more weaknesses will be exposed. At the moment team India looks comfortable and with lot of strength than anymore weaknesses. Finally, death bowling also is an issue for India as another minor weakness.

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