COVID-19 An Unequal Pandemic Fight Goes On

COVID-19 An Unequal Pandemic Fight Goes On

People made contributions to the COVID-19 pandemic in their fight against COVID-19. They’ve supported their relatives and friends. People also prioritized sharing their experiences and helped others in many ways. COVID-19 an unequal pandemic made people neglect fake reports and even more not believing the official information. People turned towards generosity to come forward helping others financially. They did so which speaks volumes about COVID-19 an unequal pandemic. 

The fight against pandemic never took momentum when fake official data wasn’t exposed widely or on large scale. False notions hampered people from few infections to cover entire nation or nations. People even if not vaccinated aren’t taking precautions to make this COVID-19 an unequal pandemic as resurgent. The pandemic played structural inequalities in societies.

Who The Real Fighters?

People taught by conspiracy experts, who went on teach people something more lethal or more agonizing to know. They pretended to be the real-fighters. Real fighters are those, who want to know the reality about COVID-19 an unequal pandemic, which infected millions of people on a continent-to-continent wise or even country to country wise or city to city wise and so on.   

The unequal effects of the COVID-19 pandemic not really an all-inclusive approach. It’s good to know a clear picture of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Little access to health, income and livelihoods including education to name a few about the effects of the ongoing pandemic. The real fighters are those, who confirmed the facts to keep themselves safe.  

COVID-19 An Unequal Pandemic Focused Where?

The realities experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic by people, who suffered a lot due to governments’ response to COVID-19. Focus needs to be in using insights from communities. Creating awareness of the precautions and vaccinations in a proper multi-dimension way, a best focus, which’s not yet taken up. COVID-19 pandemic infections and recoveries should be focussed more to fight against the virus meaningfully.

A meaningful approach should be the focus to fight against the pandemic. Some or more than 50 governments around the world failed to fight against the virus.   

The official data provides an inadequate or wrong picture of communities experiencing no proper care in this pandemic. There’s a massive challenge or enormous challenges for the people. Work from home to sit at home rising alarmingly to keep people unable to meet their two ends. Many or almost 80% of small businesses hit so hard that COVID’s impact played too much to make top businesses to reduce expenses. The reduction of expenses by top businesses made many people lose jobs.

COVID-19 An Unequal Pandemic Takes Control Still

Finally, it’s our responsibility to educate our surroundings the way initially people thought the pandemic was too much scary. But it’s not, and yet precautions need to be taken. COVID-19 is far from over. The fight is going on. As an unequal COVID-19 pandemic have put people to learn from fake posts than learning from authentic sources. In this way, people are blamed more than the governments of the nations, who are also responsible not to create a persistent awareness campaign. Overall governments are human.

So, vaccinated people also should take precautions and more effective measures needs to be taken up. It’s the ‘pandemic of inequality’. Nobody knows when this pandemic would be declared over.

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