Experience Not Adventure Kept Me Think More

Experience Not Adventure Kept Me Think More

Experience not adventure to keep me think more about. I had a blast in one of the weekends about six months back. It was of so much fun having friends around me with whom I experienced a kind of adventure, mostly a good lesson. After so much joy, which didn’t last for a while when I’ve to stand up even when I was feeling drowsy. I did walk around  to see my friends. No one could be seen while I was looking at the corner of the road, right in front  of the closed stores, obviously, it was late night. An experience not adventure to keep me think more.  

I searched myself to know the time. It was 2: am when I looked at my phone to know more, there  were too many miscalls from my just two friends. I tried my best to call back each one. One of them  didn’t pick my call. I called-back another friend. He picked my call. I couldn’t remember what I spoke  to him. That’s something, which I tried hard to confirm and reconfirm. It’s not all over.  

Meanwhile, that’s an amazing phase, which made me to think more about my friends. I realized and I left that friend circle for a while to keep myself away from a few, gaining a lot from what I’m today. It’s not all over again. I’m reconnected to my friends now. Friends are so good to have. I’m fortunate to have just too many friends. Why they left me cold without taking me anywhere to help me breathe easily. Well, they did so because I was just near my home. I was angry just too much. So, they left me alone. But all of a sudden everything transformed.  

Where I Woke Up  

I woke up to know I was somewhere in a room lying on the bed very soft. The pillows just so cold, so  big and a few more than I used to keep on my bed. I then realized it was not my home because the  ringing of the bell did wake me up. Also, my sleep wiped away a bit more than I realized. The persistent ringing of the phone made me active to think wisely. But it was strange to know myself,  slept in someone’s home. The room was unfamiliar even initially and since then it was not mine at all to keep me thinking more.  

The room was big and luxurious too. I asked myself where I’m I? I have to pick the phone, which was  still ringing. I thought it’s sensible to pick the phone rather than anything else. I’ve to say thank you to the wakeup call when someone told me on the phone: “Good morning, sir. This is your 7: am  wakeup call”. I knew it wasn’t my phone, but I picked it to know what’s this all about.  

It was experience not adventure at all  

I would have asked so many questions, but I thought it’s no better to utter thank you to the phone call as I felt an urgency to pee. I’ve to search the washroom. I opened a couple of big doors of the big room and then a huge washroom was ready for me. Washroom was so clean and beautiful.  Relieved was I then wanting to wash my hands. I approached the wash basin. I saw the mirror. All’s not well ended not so well. But again, I’ve to bear a lot. I experienced humiliation so how could be this an adventure for me.  

My Exit & Then Back Home  

What I found looking at the mirror was a man standing behind me. He told me I was unconscious, and so he took me to his home. I was about to thank him, but he told me strictly. “Don’t drink a bucket full. Drink responsibly”. I asked him about my belongings, my phone and so on. He looked annoyed to listen me not anymore.  

He told me to leave his home as he wasn’t aware of what belonging I had carried with me. Possibly, he brought me to his home without anything with me. I walked a long-way thinking why so wrong I did? I continued walking. Finally, I reached a place familiar to me. I was near to my home. I reached  my home, and I was glad to sleep again after having some food. That wasn’t an adventure, but I  learned a lot.  

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