Price Rise In India Including Joblessness Can Be Dealt This Way

Price Rise In India Including Joblessness Can Be Dealt This Way

When the question of providing jobs asked to the PM Narendra Modi, he said “Pakoda Talna Bhi To Ek Rozgaar Hai”. Means selling fried snacks is also a job. This was taken positively while experts still believe that joblessness rise in India is criminal. Since 8 years India has seen poverty rise along with so many people affected with hunger crises. Price rise in India includes not only fuel prices but also the rise of prices of almost every product. Even prices of basic necessities including vegetables are on a rise. Price rise in India of all commodities towards price inflation since 6 years have put India in deep trouble.

When you can see that no jobs in India is absolutely criminal? Yes, you can’t see the small picture when you look at the big picture, where top professionals lost their high paying jobs. That’s not a worry if they lost jobs. Even then they can still find another good job or do their own businesses or even migrate to job providing countries. Global hunger index have exposed India a lot more which needs to be known why joblessness in India is a worry.

India have to show unity in between communities. India’s growth depends upon providing jobs. Price rise in India is a worry which should be dealt with proper use of funds to allow small and large businesses to grow. Looking at various western countries, they helped top businesses to survive during pandemic provided funds to them to keep going on. Make in India was a failure. So, it will be good if India proceeds towards progress without thinking that it’s too late.

Deal First With Price Rise In India

What India need to do to fight against rising prices? It’s not easy now, but there are some ways to deal with price rise in India. Firstly, India needs to come up with a strategy to create awareness among communities to get united. We’ve a lot of issues, where BJP ignored so many atrocities against 1-2 communities including the farmers. We can’t proceed towards progress with the most popular slogan of divide and rule, which the govt believes in. This way it’s not good to think that no one would bother too much about price rise in India.

Price rise in India including joblessness is a major crises. This crises have so much to deal with in order to make the people work hard even better. You won’t be surprised if prices in about 6 months would rise to about 400%. That’s where India needs to think.

Secondly farmers demands need to be fulfilled. What they’re worrying about need to be addressed. No worries for the farmers will put a full stop to rich becoming more rich and poor becoming more poor. The produce in India should be in large scale and the produce should be tripled if not then double the produce. Look out for more options to create rise of production in India. Another not so tough step India can take will be transferring money to the accounts of poor people. Avoid helping those, who work for the govt to create hatred as “BJP IT Cell workers”. This isn’t an India people or the world like to see. Think responsibly and help the deserving.

Deal With Joblessness

Create jobs. This is simple. If the govt thinks creating jobs is not in their manifesto other than divide and rule then they’re totally wrong. Start with building more hospitals, schools and universities. Doctors are in demand at present. Allow each doctor a couple of hours of extra work in the newly built hospitals. Schools and universities should allow experienced teachers and the fresh graduates to teach students based upon skills. Any graduate with good communication skills can teach school students to earn a livelihood.

You can see if a company has 10 job openings then they’ll find hundred good applicants. This is where India needs to workout a strategy. Allow freshers to work and gain experience rather than dismantling religious structures or businesses of the other community just to fulfil what govt wants to divide and rule. Govt in India is here to serve the people the best if not then good instead of dividing people on the lines of hatred. While you create fake awareness about fake reports and think it would help people then it’s wrong, and will not be a good cause. Accept the way you failed to perform for the progress of India, and let all Indians live peacefully.

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