BJP Enjoys Divide To Rule Ignores Atrocities On Minorities

BJP Enjoys Divide To Rule Ignores Atrocities On Minorities

Every political party has and since many years in India wants to please the majority to win more votes than winning less votes from the minorities. This way since 2014, BJP ignores atrocities on minorities. Keeps blind eyes over justice to the deserving innocents, and the law also in control of the BJP to about sufficiently delaying justice. That’s unfair and criminal. Justice delayed is justice denied, where some court judgements also keeps going in favor of what BJP wanted. So, is it unfair to say BJP enjoys divide to rule? No it’s a game of a bunch of criminals from BJP. It’s not unfair.

The Bhartiya Janata Party – BJP always preferred a divide and rule policy of the British to rule India. More so they also play with fake reports and fake-photoshopped social media posts to degrade minorities. Around the world, India is on top to ignore atrocities on minorities including farmers.

It’s criminal. It’s agonizing to people, who want justice, where BJP enjoys divide to rule and for how long? If India have to come out from joblessness crises, poverty, hunger and rise of prices then it would be good to kick BJP out.

However, with so much of hatred filled in the minds and hearts of about 50% of India’s population then nobody would help India progress.

Why Fall In BJP’s Trap

People will come and go to show right direction for India’s progress. But to be in power for longtime BJP will be happy with the current situation or the current crises in India.

BJP wants poor people to become more poor in order to come up to help them on days of voting, where these poorest people need money indispensably. They’ll vote BJP for the money they take. Having looted so much money, which most people know BJP enjoys divide to rule and ignores atrocities on minorities. If this sense of doing politics from troubling innocents to keep India divided then it would be India’s downfall. Already India’s downfall has begun since 2014. It’s time to save India, save innocents in India and protect the constitution of India.

When asked about so much of hate-crimes, mob-lynching and attacks on minorities around India. BJP top leaders including the Prime Minister say unacceptable words like, “minorities should not live in fear in India”. What this means? Do they want minorities, who keep patience to come out and fight against atrocities? Adding salt to the wounds RSS lifetime member and Prime Minister Narendra Modi once told that “you can identify these people with their clothing”.

The 50% of population in India would take India instead of progress to reach the level of garbage-India. They want more attacks on innocents. They’re not satisfied with 2002 Gujarat attack on minorities. Not satisfied when Uttar Pradesh minorities attacked and that of Delhi’s. Now Tripura and still they want more. Is it good to fall in the trap of BJP? If you think so then bad days for you to start soon. Prepare yourself do even more.

BJP Enjoys Divide To Rule Unacceptable

It’s not likely that all minorities will face disasters after disasters whenever BJP tries to defend oppressors. It’s not likely that whatever BJP govt of PM Narendra Modi wants would get that so easily. Time has come for BJP to realize the weakness in their policies not that BJP enjoys divide to rule than help people more to rule. People want better life than killing of innocents and atrocities on innocents but still 50% of population of India keeps circulating hatred.

Hatred has become the trump-card for BJP to divert-attention from the sufferings of innocents by some fake-reporting. This fake-reporting highlights crimes of the minorities, which never took place. It goes like “you did so and see you’re in trouble”. This is not India, which many wise people even can’t imagine. India has reached to such an extent that BJP plays with minds of the people rather than serving-people. They’ve to serve people and not just recruiting “BJP IT Cell” workers to use them spit venom. Everyone knew what role BJP would play again since 2019, but with support of media BJP did manage to come or retain power.

Finally, no govt in India has the ability to target one or two communities including farmers. Every bad has an end, which would be worst. Bad days of innocents would not be remembered but these things do matter when you want to look inside in order to support BJP again. If you don’t wakeup now then you’ll sleep on the footpaths in the future.

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