India Prefers New Zealand To Bat First In Crucial Match

India Prefers New Zealand To Bat First In Crucial Match

Virat Kohli would be looking to shift the tide towards New Zealand after humiliating defeat against Pakistan. India will play with few changes to make New Zealand almost out from the semi finals. Afghanistan is another threat for both New Zealand and India. India prefers New Zealand to bat first to chase a target not more than 140. If India “unfortunately” bats first according to experts it’s “unfortunate” for India to lose the toss then India have to score more than 170. A target anything more than 160 also would be good enough as a winning total than a fighting one. What experts believe as India prefers New Zealand to bat first because India is good at chasing, which’s wrong judgement.

Still in cricket batting first or batting second matters not. What matters is to play cricket at your best assessing the conditions before batting to score quick-runs or bowling to pick-wickets.

With Mohammed Shami and Jasprit Bumrah bowling to pick wickets along with few other bowlers India wants Ravindra Jadeja to click as bowler if not as batter. Jadeja can bowl economically if wickets at the other too fall because Ravinchandra Ashwin is also likely to play. Jasprit Bumrah has to deliver and Mohammed Shami too to restrict New Zealand at less than 140.

If India still restricts New Zealand to about 150 then an interesting match to go until the final over.

Virat Kohli after the setback of India’s loss to Pakistan said “it’s just the first match. India will comeback strongly”.

Why India Prefers New Zealand To Bat First ?

It’s not just Indian team but most of the Indian fans around the globe prefer India to chase. They’ve seen how India used to chase down big targets. But do they know how easy it would be to bat first and put runs on the board to defend a good total? One match lost to Pakistan wasn’t a good start for India in the T20 world cup. But it allows India to play at their best and make few good changes in the playing 11. India prefers New Zealand to bat first learning nothing from Afghanistan’s world cup T20 matches is shocking.

Afghanistan after winning the toss chose to bat first in their first match. Also they opted to bat first against Pakistan. In both cases Afghanistan played good cricket. Yes they lost to Pakistan after picking top batting order wickets. That’s Afghanistan’s initial good performance.

India shouldn’t worry too much about who wins the toss as it’s too easy to win matches if you play good cricket. Both India and New Zealand are desperate to win Sunday’s match at 7: 30 pm IST. This crucial match opens a gate for India to win because India have to face another good team if not the best, which is Afghanistan. Lots of thinking and a week-long good practice sessions puts India as favorite against New Zealand and then against Afghanistan. An Indian win or loss on Sunday’s match against New Zealand should not be taken to create panic for team India.

Fans need to support team India even though India lose against New Zealand. They’re doing their best then in what way you want to use abusing words against India’s best players so far. Yes so far India looks strong on paper.

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