Pakistan After 3 Big Match Wins Will Be Tested By Namibia

Pakistan After 3 Big Match Wins Will Be Tested By Namibia

In every ICC cricket tournament whether of ODIs or of T20s there comes a surprise for cricket fans. Namibia is surely an underdog yet they’ve their own game plans. An upset will be there round the corner for Pakistan if Pakistan even do not win against Namibia convincingly. If Pakistan bats second again in today’s match against minnows Namibia. And the match goes beyond 18 overs for Pakistan to chase down, which will be not an easy win then it would be surprising. Also Pakistan after 3 big match wins would be looking for yet another victory.

However, an interesting contest would be how Pakistan bowls to Namibia, where the inexperienced cricket country having played not much international cricket have nothing to lose. They’re not minnows either and of late Pakistan is considered as favorites to win world cup T20. It would be like watching India play against any country just about few months back. Pakistan outplayed India on Oct 24 as if India was Pakistan and Pakistan was India.

India considered rightly the world cup 2021 favorites much before the 2021 tournament started. Things changed so dramatically that England and Pakistan seems to be the two top countries to clinch the trophy.

Pakistan played good cricket so far. Shaheen Shah Afridi bowled well along with couple of others to become Pakistan’s bowling match winners. Pakistan has few good batting match winners too. Babar Azam, Fakhar Zaman and Asif Ali. If the bowling or batting trio didn’t do well against Namibia then Pakistan’s morale would be down a bit. It’s also clear that Namibia will be bowled out before reaching a score more than 110. This 110 score haunts India because India did so having lost 7 wickets against New Zealand.

Pakistan’s Strength Becomes Their Weakness Sometimes

Having mentioned top three Pakistani batters Babar Azam, Fakhar Zaman and Asif Ali, it’s time to mention Pakistan’s top three bowlers. Shaheen Afridi, Haris Rauf and Shadab Khan. Remember Pakistan has good two middle order batters and two other good bowlers.

Namibia has a reason to smile having three top players as batters to perform passionately or at full strength. These three are Craig Williams, Stephen Baard, and David Wiese. However, these three top batters in Namibia’s playing eleven are right handed batsmen. If Pakistan plays as if they can win the match against Namibia so easily then this would be their strength to become their weakness. Pakistan always have a tendency to lose matches, where they look strong on paper.

It’s again a test of Pakistani cricket players, not just a match of least importance. Rightly so Pakistan after 3 big match wins will be tested by Namibia. Afghanistan played well against Pakistan. Do Namibia complete their quota of 20 overs against Pakistan batting that much with so much concentration? Shaheen Afridi will be the threat again for Namibia and the rest of the world cup matches, which Pakistan most likely to win.

Pakistan Vs Namibia: 7: 30 PM IST. Venue: Sheikh Zayed Stadium, UAE.

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