Pakistan Qualify For Semi Final After Beating Namibia

Pakistan Qualify For Semi Final After Beating Namibia

Babar Azam and his men enjoyed a lot in this 2021 World Cup and also in the match against Namibia. Best performances always good to look-forward up towards remaining unbeatable through out the T20 World Cup. Pakistan’s captain Babar Azam won the toss, opted to bat first irrespective of the conditions. Pitch though looked to support bowlers initially, where batting second would be too good. However, Babar Azam said he wanted to do something different in order to test their batsmen and so he elected to bat first. He did so and also sent a strong message after Pakistan qualify for semi final, playing consistently good cricket.

England and Pakistan are the best teams so far in this 2021 T20 World Cup. Both England and Pakistan are from two different groups. They top the table in their respective groups of the World Cup. Group 1 England and Group 2 Pakistan. Six teams in each group provides super 12 matches so interesting to watch. England and Pakistan are unchanged since they played first match until now. Both England and Pakistan have three spin bowling options and three fast bowling options. The middle order of England is similar to Pakistan.

However, Sri Lanka tested England to such an extent that England’s middle order have to play at their best and also cleverly in order to set a fighting target. England won the match against Sri Lanka after batting first. Also in another match, once Pakistan lost the toss and Afghanistan chose to bat as usual but lost to Pakistan. So far Pakistan is far better than the other teams but not supposed to be better than England. No surprises or upsets in this World Cup seen so far as Pakistan qualify for semi final easily.

Cautious Pakistan

Pakistan’s strategy was to think for the upcoming semi final after performing so good against Namibia. Even if they’ve to bat first in the semi final they’ve learned a lot batting first. Pakistan scored ZERO runs in the first over of the match. Mohammed Rizwan couldn’t score even a single run and also no wide or no-balls bowled. After two overs Pakistan’s scorecard showed 4/0 without any extras. Babar scored 3 runs and Rizwan scored 1 run.

Quick running was required initially against top two bowlers of Namibia, and Pakistan did so. 18 balls (3 overs) without a boundary Pakistan was 6 without loss. 6/0 off 3 overs. In David Wiese’s second over, Pakistan’s captain scored a boundary in the third ball to take the score to 13 without loss in 3 overs. Pakistan played cautiously.

A Score Not So Good But Pakistan Qualify For Semi Final

A lot of attacking strokes thereafter made Pakistan qualify for semi final as they were tested. They tested their batting and looking forward. Rizwan and Babar played the first six overs cleverly and without too much risks. The first six overs always good to score quick runs because of powerplay (fielding restrictions), where no more than two players allowed outside the 30 yard circle. At the end of powerplay of six overs Pakistan successfully didn’t lost any wicket and scored just 29 runs. Babar Azam scored 21 and Riwan scored 8 without any extras conceded at that period.

Namibia bowlers bowled well until some good hits started. However, without losing any wicket Pakistan played teasingly. The powerplay score was good without loss but not so good.

Some poor fielding allowed Pakistan to score 45/0 off 8 overs. 16 more runs after the powerplay ended in just two overs. No looking back from there and Pakistan posted a good total. A target not too easy for Namibia to chase. Pakistan scored 50 runs in 9 overs without losing a wicket. After that Pakistan played aggressively with the loss of ZERO wicket. That’s too much pressure created for Namibia at that time.

Pakistan captain Babar Azam was caught not so near the boundary when he tried to hit hard, an attempt for a six. A lofted shot not timed well. He was dismissed, but scorecard was still good. 113/1 off 14.2 overs.

Fakhar Zaman sent as usual to play at number 3 position. He was also dismissed but in quick time, caught behind. Mohammed Hafiz and Mohammed Rizwan together played good cricket.

Pakistan Qualify For Seminal This Way

Pakistan finally ended their innings on 189/2 off 20 overs. The target set for Namibia was just too much. Namibia wasn’t in the game at all to chase 190 in order to win. Hence Pakistan qualify for semi final after beating Namibia. It was a one sided battle, which went as expected in Pakistan’s way.

Namibia started the chase and in the second over lost a wicket. In the powerplay, Namibia scored 34/1 and that’s 5 runs more than what Pakistan scored in their powerplay. Hassan Ali picked the first wicket for Pakistan. A noisy Sheikh Zayed Stadium at Abu Dhabi was too happy to see Pakistan qualify for semi final after beating Namibia not so convincingly as expected. But a good win even when Shaheen Afridi dropped a dolly. Hassan Ali and almost all Pakistani bowlers bowled well but not at their because of defending the score.

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