Owaisi 15 Bottle Blood Donation Old Video Going Viral Again

Owaisi 15 Bottle Blood Donation Old Video Going Viral Again

Asaduddin Owaisi made a blunder or might not bother for his old video going viral. The video appears to be clear, but Barrister Asaduddin Owaisi needs to come forward. And speak about huge blood donation in a day. What’s required for him now will be to burst either fake propaganda or accept the truth. People claiming Owaisi 15 bottle blood donation video needs a double check.

Some also saying that in order to gain public sympathy he did so. Whatever maybe the case, Owaisi needs to confirm. But if he let’s this go viral then before Uttar Pradesh elections, he would gain negative publicity. Negative publicity for a Bollywood movie would be good but not for a politician.

Credit: NMF News YouTube

He wears decent clothing to look like a pious Muslim and speaks more against BJP. This in return BJP gains more. However, Uttar Pradesh elections aren’t going to help people, who believe in fake reports. This Owaisi 15 bottle blood donation old video if fake then why it’s going viral?

Owaisi needs to answer. Uttar Pradesh elections are not too far and Owaisi and BJP knows this very well. How can a small party AIMIM always challenges the big BJP to speak more against BJP? If it’s not so that AIMIM never helps BJP and is not a “B-team” of BJP then clear this too.

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