Saturday, December 9, 2023
Omicron Is Variant Of Concern To Spread Across Anywhere

Omicron Is Variant Of Concern To Spread Across Anywhere

The Technical Advisory Group on SARS-CoV-2 Virus Evolution met today. They reviewed what is known about the variant B.1.1.529. They also advised WHO that it should be designated a Variant of Concern. WHO has named it Omicron, in line with naming protocols. It is spreading from South Africa. People are requested to wear masks and follow social distancing. Omicron is variant of concern to spread across anywhere in the world. Be prepared for its mutations too. It’s futile if people take pandemic not seriously. Everyone has different opinion about new variant. However, the four infected persons from this variant were fully vaccinated.

Vaccination helps but social distancing and wearing of masks still necessary. Covid-19 and its variants are not become weak. People are weak even if vaccinated, and so new variants are still dangerous. You don’t need to be careless. You’ve to live a responsible life. A threat over all around the world expected to spread from South Africa. We care for you and to fight the pandemic, it’s required for all of us to be just careful. Says, a WHO spokesperson, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove.

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