Thursday, November 30, 2023
Omicron Virus Will Be Deadly In Few Weeks Say ID Chief

Omicron Virus Will Be Deadly In Few Weeks Say ID Chief

The variant renamed as Omicron virus will be deadly in few weeks. It’s at present calculated to be 500 times deadlier than Delta variant. The ID (Infectious Disease) Chief warns people to avoid gatherings without wearing masks even if fully vaccinated.

The ID Chief Dr. Faheem Younus explained that in the next 4-weeks Omicron virus will be deadly. “It would be so due to constantly changing information about Omicron. The new variant will be dangerous and likely to spread like a wild fire. Vaccinated people get booster too if applicable and wear masks. Switch yourself off from social media fake reports. Prepare to be super exhausted. It’s your choice”.

It was renamed as Omicron virus after it was first known to be variant B.1.1.529. WHO designated Omicron as a variant of concern. WHO has named it Omicron, in line with naming protocols. It is spreading from South Africa, and so few countries have put travel ban to South Africa. However, people are requested to wear masks and follow social distancing. Omicron is variant of concern to spread across anywhere in the world.

Be prepared for its mutations too. It’s futile if people take pandemic not seriously. Everyone has different opinion about new variants. However, the four infected persons from this Omicron variant were fully vaccinated. It’s time to be careful than fall prey to the variant. Hospitalization after infection from Omicron virus will be deadly too. It’s so because of less chances of recoveries.

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