In Person To Online Schedule Likely In Wake Of New Variant

In Person To Online Schedule Likely In Wake Of New Variant

The new Coronavirus variant, “Omicron” likely to put education and work on doldrums. Education needs to be shifted towards online from in person in quick-time. Maybe from early Dec 2021. The threat is scary as the new variant “Omicron” threatening many countries. People aren’t aware of the threat that this new variant can cause, and so are simply doing things as usual. In person to online schedule likely in sometime. But in quick time will be helpful.

If people not prepared for the new variant “Omicron”, then the govts need to be prepared earlier than later. Imposing certain guidelines would be more than helpful. However, quick decisions always have an impact. A sudden lockdown in sometime an another quick decision, which will not help people. People will die of hunger than the new variant if such steps taken later than precautions just in time.

Some basic rules need to be imposed. These are working from homes and online education than anymore lockdowns. The in person to online schedule likely to be changed in few days, and this will allow the new variant not to spread. The spread of the new variant, “Omicron” likely to put many countries around the world in panic. “Do something and be prepared than regretting later”. Say infectious disease experts.

Proper Steps

Warning signals not initiated, but the new variant can spread just too fast. People around the world rushing towards vaccinations. But vaccination to avoid infection from the new variant not sufficient. The best option is to continue wearing masks and avoid in-person-gatherings even after one is vaccinated.

In-person-education and in-person-work-schedule will be likely to be online in sometime. It would be good if in person to online schedule made possibly in quick time. Safety measures not taken immediately, will not be of any help. The best way is to put everything online in quick time than wait and watch. Whatever works online, would be put online and even school education.

Online schedule always good if it’s possible. This would protect business owners, staff and trainers, etc.

Teachers and pupils also should be protected to stop the spread of new variant. Health and lives are far more superior than working in person or doing in person businesses or in person education. More stringent steps just in the way, and wherever if taken up, would help a lot.

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