Marital First Night Sex Good For Happy Married Life

Marital First Night Sex Good For Happy Married Life

Once married, couples should have sex in the first night of their marriage. But if they both wait for a week or two to have sex as the celebrations go on, it’s not good. This is so because their elders guide them to have good relations before having sex. Relations would be good even after having sex on the first night of the marriage. This marital first night sex should be allowed for the married couples to have lot of fun and lot of pleasure than anything else.

The marriage dates not fixed according to the wishes of bride or bride’s parents. If the marriage date fixed accordingly at the end of (menstrual) period then the couple could have sex to enjoy better. The joy of marital first night sex most pleasurable because of the positive thinking of the couples for each other. They think good for each other and they even love to have sex.

The Story Begins…

Men mostly like their would be wives before marriage and then after marriage they start loving their wives. But in some cases, it’s quite opposite. They love before marriage and like after marriage. However, a woman can understand a man better on his performance at the bed. If he loves or even likes his better half then he would love to kiss and do hug her a lot. He would love to have sex frequently as she appreciates her man’s intentions rather than always be ready for him. They both will know each other, once they’ve marital first night sex than having sex after a week or two.

The couples know each other better after they experience good sexual relationship. Marriage to go on smoothly needs patience from both a man and a woman. There are millions of couples, who live peacefully together without getting married. That’s a different topic. Here, it’s not good to keep the married couple wait for a week or two than have sex in their first night of marriage.

Marital First Night

The first night of marriage brings together two different genders, a man and a woman together. They look forward to have a happy married life to begin with. They also know that they’re impressed with each other and so are united together in the form of a marriage. They’re bothered of each other before marrying as they agree for the marriage. A reason for them to live together is their marriage, having tied to be together for others to celebrate. They too celebrate their marriage. But if they’ve the best marital first night sex experience, which continues as long as they live together. Let them enjoy their first night of marriage in the best possible way rather than keeping them away for a while.

Most people look for the special date for the marriage to happen even if delaying the inevitable matters them most. They choose a particular date rather than look towards what the bride people prefer. The would be bride needs to tell her parents that she feels relaxed on such days. It means her period (menstrual) ends on those (such) days of every month. Groom people need to allow the date of marriage to be fixed by bride people.

It helps the married couple to enjoy their first night of marriage and continue to do so every year to celebrate marriage anniversaries. A good celebration of marriage anniversary will be the best if the couple have sex on that particular date too, but in different years, obviously. People should know this and act upon.


Reasons are too many for people of different communities to choose one special date for marriage. But does that matter if the marriage turns out to be brutal after a sudden divorce. Couples often get divorced even after spending few or more years together. Look at Bill Gates, who got divorced in his sixties. Bollywood and Hollywood well known famous actors also the examples of separated couples to know a bit more. You’re not wrong if you believe in superstition, but superstition is a word, which’s not a reality. So, these are not the reasons to get married on a chosen date because of superstition.

The best reason is the marital first night sex, which shouldn’t be missed because of any reason. Sex keeps the couples together and is a necessity if sexual problems aren’t there. But again, a couple will be happy to live together without being keen to have sex frequently. Let’s for any reason or reasons understand that first night of marriage always has the best moments in life. A healthy married life has some other reasons too.

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