Umesh Yadav To Bowl With Spin Attack As Ishant Sharma Injured

Umesh Yadav To Bowl With Spin Attack As Ishant Sharma Injured

Early in the morning while trying to stop a drive from Will Somerville, Ishant Sharma injured his fingers. Umesh Yadav to bowl either with Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, or Axar Patel. India has no other fast bowling option than Umesh Yadav as a support to him. However, including Ravindra Jadeja, India has two other great spin bowlers in to fight hard today in the last day of the first Test. So far, New Zealand playing defensively. A situation of wickets to fall building up.

Yesterday, India bowled just four overs and picked a big wicket of Will Young. Young wasn’t out though as he was a second late to review, he had to leave the crease. India had their first wicket yesterday, fortunately. Unlucky Young was out as the scorecard changed to New Zealand’s fall of wicket, but the ball was going down too much away from leg stump. He was leg before the wicket and India is looking forward to pick a couple of more wickets in the first session of the last day. The session after the lunch will be more interesting. Tom Latham and night watchman Will Somerville fighting hard to consume as many overs as they can.

Still some good batters to come. Kane Williamson will be the key along with Tom Latham. If both of them get out then India can win the match easily much before the end of final day. Umesh Yadav to bowl with spin bowlers for sometime until Ishant Sharma returns. It would be good if India wins the match before 80 overs bowled. At that time it would be tough decision for Ajinkya Rahane to make, whether to go for a new ball or not.

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