UAE Princess Trying Best To Eliminate Hatred

UAE Princess Trying Best To Eliminate Hatred

The lady Hend bint Faisal Al-Qasimi known to be popular on social media. Always used to talk peace and also active. She’s the one, who likes to guide hatred spreaders and likes to spread peace. Yet people create fake posts and do filthy-comments as a reply to her tweets. She’s UAE Princess trying best to eliminate hatred. One of the recent image post that she highlighted is that people even in the UAE spreading hatred mixed with lies. She caught that image and posted it saying: “People come to UAE and take our money (working in UAE), they don’t hate money but they hate us. Why so much of hatred”. She posted the image, which’s here below:

The above image post circulating viral among Muslim haters and haters of Islam. A longtime jealousy, which turned towards more hatred and spread of lies. The image post says: “Boycott halal before you buy any product. Check to see it has this stamp”. It goes on even further, “if it has this or similar halal stamp do not buy it”. What’s more shocking is the these miscreants misguiding their own community by claiming: “If you buy halal meat then you maybe contributing to Islamic terrorism”. Several other UAE followers of the Princess expressed supporting her campaign of eliminating hatred.

Few people still started argument, saying: “UAE had donkeys, nothing else until America discovered petrol”. Pathetic and hateful jealous person was also supported by few others. They went on to abuse Muslims and Islam. The beginning of catching such hatred spreaders have seen so much from the tweets of UAE Princess. It looks like UAE princess trying best to eliminate hatred. Let’s see.

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