UAE Princess Shares Her Grand Father Khalid Story Trolled

UAE Princess Shares Her Grand Father Khalid Story Trolled

UAE Princess shares her grand father Khalid story with a picture of Sheikh Khalid and Sheikh Zayed. “My grandfather Sheikh Khalid on the left with Sheikh Zayed on the right. Responsible in helping to bring us all together in creating the wonderful country called the Emirates”. Tweeted UAE Princess Hend bint Faisal Al-Qasimi or in short Princess Hend F Q. She’s popularly known to spread peace around the world and always wants to guide hatred spreaders towards good.

Fake news also posted as a reply to make her know something false as truth. She’s doing her best even to eliminate hate-crimes in India.

The United Arab Emirates UAE Princess shares her grand father Sheikh Khalid pic. She tweeted delightfully, a bit of a story on twitter with the following pic below. However some followers abused her too:

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One of the follower replied to her, saying: “How many wives he had?”. That tweet isn’t deleted yet, and so a few responded to this man Suresh Rao @sureshrao36. They said why the need to ask such question? Some said marrying women is far better than making women as prostitutes. Prostitution is legal in many countries, but it also resulted to create an untreatable disease like HIV or AIIDS. HIV still tested in people, who want to donate blood. If a person tests HIV negative then he can donate blood, and so on.

Mostly, people appreciated her for posting such a nice pic of her grand father. Everyone is aware of Sheikh Zayed, who was too young at that time, and her grand father Sheikh Khalid smilingly looking at him. Sheikh Khalid in pic above is on the left and talking to son Sheikh Zayed. Some people still abusing each other too. People also started trolling. That’s no acceptable to bring fake issues and highlight fake posts just to abuse someone so good in spreading peace.

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