No Dowry Trends As Bride People Spend More In Marriages

No Dowry Trends As Bride People Spend More In Marriages

People play a lot to say that they believe in no dowry or dehaj. But they make the bride people to spend more in marriages. Men working or not want to marry by saying no dowry, but they push the bride people to spend more. In India or Pakistan and a few more countries, money spent in huge amounts for marriages. People say we’ve no demands, but we’ll accept whatever happily you want to give to your daughter. The “happy” word used here but indirectly even though the groom people demand no dowry, they push bride people to spend more.

Lot’s of marriages going on since more than couple of decades, where the bride people also responsible. They ask what are their demands? to the groom people. The demands are nothing but dowry that they’re willing to give. To this question, which’s very common these days, what the groom has to reply? He should say neither I demand anything or promote dowry and also I want to opt out from this marriage. That’s bold answer, but you can even teach the bride people about the aftereffects of dowry.

Dowry in any case puts the bride people in debt even if they’re happy to go with it. The best thing one can do is boycott visiting to marriages, where bride people spend more money. In fact, the bride people need not spend a little or more money than give their daughter for marriage and have good relations. Good relations not necessarily made out of spending more money.

Who’s Responsible To Keep Women Unmarried

Grooms have to give Maher (an amount to bride on marriage day), but they don’t do so and keep it as a loan. Moreover, they spend huge money on expensive clothing, dressing and much more on programs during the marriage celebration of two days. They extend this two day marriage – Nikah & Valima to few more weeks, partying on Jumagis, Sanchak, Mehendi, etc. This is a menace.

This menace of putting pressure on bride people to spend more money when others know then what they do? They apply for loans or mortgage and do a lot in preparation for their daughter’s marriage. Some also get afraid because they can’t have enough money and so their daughters left unmarried. As the daughters grow to the age of above 30, they get so worried that in any case they go for marriage and spend more money. This crime or sin needs to be stopped. Never attend marriages. Boycott all marriages, where bride people spend more money.

The trend of no dowry is nothing but a false claim. People need to do more than say just these two words no dowry or no dehaj. It’s unacceptable if money spent more in marriages. If that’s the case then rich women will be married easily than middleclass or poor women.

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