Man Shot Dead At Madhya Pradesh Wedding

Man Shot Dead At Madhya Pradesh Wedding

A man shot dead at Madhya Pradesh Wedding as attackers are believed to be Hindutva activists. They shouted slogans of “Jai Shree Ram”. It was learned just few hours back, and it’s confirmed as the wedding video went viral. However, three men have been arrested in this case, but a protest also held against the attackers. Locals believe that the attackers belong to VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) and Bajrang Dal. These two groups also support BJP.

The incident took place at some Mandi village, which is 150kms from the district head-quarters in Madhya Pradesh. Mr. Anurag Dwary reported to NDTV at late night yesterday on Dec 13. The attackers likely to be the BJP supporters. But the man, who was shot dead taken to the hospital. And within sometime, he was declared dead. The gruesome incident again included chants of “Jai Shree Ram”. This highlights how much hatred spreading across India in the name of religion and among BJP supporters. When the man was shot, there was panic among the wedding guests. Everyone have to flee and were shocked when the man by the name Devi Lal was shot and declared dead.

The alarming rise of crimes in India is because of the govt letting people free to do whatever crimes including rapes. It’s highly objectionable, and the govt needs to take immediate action upon the murderers and punish them accordingly. If these incidents continue to take place, then it would be too late. The perpetrators need to be punished even if they shouted religious slogans. This doesn’t mean they can kill people and get away.

Every innocent life needs to be saved and anyone, who kills an innocent is like killing the entire humanity. Anyone, who saves an innocent is like saving the entire humanity.

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