Liars defending Muslim genocide exposed for their 3 stupid claims

Liars defending Muslim genocide exposed for their 3 stupid claims

The liars started to defend the three-day heinous and filthy program in 3 ways. The liars have become active on social media. These liars repeatedly twisting the hate-crimes in 3 ways (which are totally wrong) in order to defend bad. However, the good will soon overshadow the bad again. Truth will win again. This will continue. The liars coming forward again to defend the most stupid and filthy plan, which would fail as they failed in their previous hate spreading games. Now, it’s time to know how liars defending Muslim genocide open call? But in their three stupid ways.

One such way of stopping international businesses of Muslims also carried this way below:

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Pic: Not related to this post. However, these liars claiming that do not buy Halal products. The money from the profit of Halal products will be used in terrorism. How insane this liars are?

Firstly, a 1 min edited video of AIMIM President Asaduddin Owaisi circulating everywhere, which was of more than 1 hour duration of a program. The 45 min speech was held in Kanpur long-back. These liars edited the video and claimed that Owaisi says, “what will you do if Modi and Yogi will be no more”. Where’s India going now? Is this new India since 2014? Moreover, the open call for Muslim-genocide in India supported and organized legally.

Reply to 1 stupid way of liars defending Muslim genocide

Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi replied & clarified, but the liars still circulating the edited video

The hateful minds growing in large numbers, but no one should worry about. Spread of hatred continues to divert attention of the masses from many issues in India, currently. The open call for Muslim-genocide twisted when secondly Wasim Rizvi (Jitendra Tyagi) booked as a Hindu (convert) to call for killing of Muslims. There were many, who spoke venom, including women. The Police took Wasim Rizvi in custody to defend the open call just in case not to hurt majority of Indians, who were shocked.

Meanwhile, Arun Prakash – Former India Army Chief – According to INQUILAB INDIA

A one time Muslim, Wasim Rizvi (Jitendra Tyagi) booked for the open call against Muslims of India leaving many others. Earlier, Wasim Rizvi appealed for some verses to be removed from “The Quran”. He was not successful to do so, and nobody could make any changes to the Quran. It remains as the only unchanged book since 1400 years. The Quran revealed in a duration of 23 years, beginning in the month of Ramadan. There are some warnings and signs in the Quran, which people if understand then they’ll know the truth.

The third stupid way to defend open call

The liars took some verses from the Quran along with shorter translation in English to highlight this: “Kill disbelievers wherever you find…”, and so on. That was told in the Quran during the war when disbelievers were doing mischief on earth. There’s no mention in the Quran to kill anyone or not to be kind to anyone. Islam teaches peace, and a Muslim can make friendship with non Muslims. He or she can be good friends with non Muslims by saying: “You follow your religion and I follow mine. But it would be good if Muslims show what’s the truth is. This will help non Muslims to accept Islam. It’s like if you’ve good knowledge then why not share this knowledge of Quran and Hadith with the people, who do not know. Let them know Islam in detail.

One can’t understand Quran completely without reading authentic Hadiths. For example to offer five times of prayers written in the Quran. But to do ablution (Wuzu) and pray 5 times in which way is there in the Hadiths. Sahi Bukhari is the authentic Hadith. Well, there are plenty of incorrect translations of Quran in English and other languages. But no one could change a word or two from the original Arabic Quran. Quran in Arabic couldn’t be changed, and Wasim Rizvi (Jitendra Tyagi) also failed to do even in the fascist rule.

Final words

Wrongdoers will surely lose if not sooner then later. It’s not shocking that liars defending Muslim genocide open call this time. There were lot of Muslim massacres happened in India and the Gujarat-one was too much. Still Muslims keep patience and live in India without any fear even from saffron terrorists. Mob lynching and atrocities to Muslims continuously go on, but the time will come when the world will be near to an end.

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