India built pressure as South Africa expect rains

India built pressure as South Africa expect rains

India have played the first Test at Centurion to put South Africa feel the heat in this winter. India built pressure as South Africa prefer rains to save the Test match rather than play for a win. Why pressure is too much for South Africa with just a deficit of 210 runs? It’s not like South Africa needs 211 runs, which’s unlikely. Already India’s bowlers picked 4 South African wickets. Jasprit Bumrah picked two wickets and at the end set the tone picking the night-watch-man Keshav Maharaj with quick Yorker. Mohammad Shami opened the gate for India, picking Aiden Markram in his first over. From there on Mohammed Siraj and Jasprit Bumrah bowled too many attacking deliveries.

India attacking South Africa too much as Virat Kohli hopes there will be no rain on the final day. No rains or an hour of late showers in the afternoon still keeps India on top. The weather forecast suggests there will be some rains, but South Africa expects the final day with no more than 30 overs to play. If India have to beat South Africa then at least 30 overs needs to be played on the final day of the first Test. India will go one up in the three match Test series.

Captain Dean Elgar batting cautiously with a bit of aggression too. He so far scored 52 off 122 balls, and hit 7 boundaries. He can’t do much as wickets keep on falling from the other end since India built pressure with a lead of 305 runs. South Africa score 94 runs with the loss of 4 wickets and needs 211 runs to win. However, India keeps attacking with the ball, and the match almost gone away from South Africa’s reach.

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