Evicted Umar Riaz becomes popular even though BIGG BOSS kept hiding his good clips

Evicted Umar Riaz becomes popular even though BIGG BOSS kept hiding his good clips

Whatever Umar Riaz so far shown on BIGG BOSS before his eviction wasn’t fair enough. His good clips hidden and clips whatever negative he did shown on the “not so reality show” BIGG BOSS. However, the evicted Umar Riaz becomes popular. All fans surround him and support him a lot and he also becomes their outside “winner” of the “not so reality show”, BIGG BOSS. Fans keep saying BIGG BOSS winner fixed. Few colors-channel TV-serial artists participated in the “not so reality” show favored a lot in the BIGG BOSS-15.

This time it wasn’t the fault of the BIGG BOSS organizers as they look towards making money as the show turned out not to generate good revenue. The reason is because of the pandemic and so many interests of the people played to miss BIGG BOSS season-15.

The BIGG BOSS 15 contestant and a surgeon by profession, who wants to become an artiste or a model, Umar Riaz tweeted: “There aren’t any trophies for being real or making your dreams come true. Just more haters!”.

Umar Riaz

How Umar Riaz fans reacting!

With over 310.2k followers on Twitter, most likely to be his fans, evicted Umar Riaz becomes popular. A fan by the Twitter account name Krishna tweeted: “Dr. @realumarriaz don’t be disheartened. You have earned Fans, Respect, Love, title of Public Winner which is much more valuable than fixed trophy of a FIXX BOSS show. We are glad that you are out of that Toxic Show. BB15 is Umar Riaz”.

Many others followed tweeting after Krishna. Ajay Rawat: “All you have to do is ignore the haters and embrace the love and support you’re getting. #UmarArmy is there for you bro. Whoever wins this season should question whether the rightful owner of the trophy is Umar Riaz or not. You are our winner”.

Riya Gulati: “The one who will get the trophy won’t be worthy of it, it belonged to you. You are real to be proud and maybe there’s better things stored for you. I know it’s easier said than done, but you deserve the world, you were excellent in the show. Be proud JANTA DEMANDS UMAR RIAZ.

Sana: “They’re not just haters but actually jealous from your achievements .. hatred comes with a free pack of jealousy. Who ever hated you are actually jealous because they know what you are actually capable of. They want that quality of yours, JANTA DEMANDS UMAR RIAZ.

Sharifa: “Well said cuto. Why are you so sweet JANTA DEMANDS UMAR RIAZ”.


Many others like Krishna, Ajay Rawat, Riya Gulati, Sana, and Sharifa tweeted to support Umar Riaz. Shocking to know that even after the “not so reality show” BIGG BOSS kept hiding all good clips of Umar Riaz, he still become popular among almost all BIGG BOSS show viewers. Viewers take on BIGG BOSS season 15, saying no Umar no watching BIGG BOSS. The battle and support goes on and beyond.

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