KL Rahul failed in captaincy in absence of Rohit Sharma as BCCI errors continue

KL Rahul failed in captaincy in absence of Rohit Sharma as BCCI errors continue

The one mistake, but a minor one, which BCCI made recently was not to make Virat Kohli as ODI captain. Now that KL Rahul failed in captaincy as BCCI made its first big mistake when Rohit Sharma injured. Rahul also not batting to his potential since he’s captaining team India. Not so earlier captains, right from Sourav Ganguly to MS Dhoni, and then Virat Kohli were good in captaincy.

Mohammed Azharuddin was also a good captain, and he won too many cricket matches for India. He started captaining team India since 1990 until 1999. However, Sachin Tendulker had to quit captaincy because of his poor performance as team India captain.

Sourav Ganguly did good captaincy since 1999 until 2005. From there, three other captains failed and MS Dhoni handed over the captaincy in 2007. He continued as India’s most successful captain until 2018. A long term. After three other not so good captains followed Dhoni, the BCCI made Virat Kohli to captain team India in 2013.

A long Virat Kohli era ended in this year, 2022. KL Rahul becomes India’s captain in the absence of Rohit Sharma. He was always a standby captain. But he’s captaining team India “not so good”. In fact “not so good” means poor captaincy. Also KL Rahul not playing match winning innings.

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MS Dhoni: The Best India Captain Since 2007

The case is wide open. If Rohit Sharma comes back, will he play cricket at his best? He need to get back to his hit-man form in all formats of the game of cricket. BCCI should look towards Rishabh Pant to captain team India in all the formats of the game rather than going back to Rohit Sharma.

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