Two friends meet as one friend took money back to put in his purse

Two friends meet as one friend took money back to put in his purse

Two friends meet after 15 years. A true story and an interesting read since two friends meet after 15 years, they had a good time in a restaurant. They enter a nearby restaurant to spend some time, and to enjoy food. John and Ram are the two friends, who were excited to meet after a long-time (15 years).  

“Hey you guys, please give me ₹100, I’m hungry”. A stranger (a beggar) looking at John asks ₹100. John shakes his head in despair, and gives the stranger ₹100 while Ram keeps watching, unwillingly. The stranger again asks John to give him ₹100 more. John takes out his purse again and gives the stranger another ₹100. The greedy person (stranger) asks more, saying he have to buy some medicines for his ailing wife. Ram timidly keeps watching John giving away ₹100 more to the stranger.

However, in total John had given ₹300 to the man (a beggar), and keeps quite for a while. He was then about to keep his purse inside his pocket of a nice blue jeans that he was wearing. The man (the beggar) comes closer and sits beside John and Ram, asks for more money. John says, “why you still need more money?”. The beggar replies: “My wife suffering from very bad health and I need to take care of her and I have two kids to take care of”.

How the beggar identified as greedy person

The two friends meet after a longtime, and so they want to spend some good time. But this beggar spoils their party a bit more. The beggar keeps asking for more money. Once, John gave him ₹100 and that wasn’t enough for him and why so? The beggar thought he can cash in with some more money if he keeps targeting John besides Ram. Meanwhile, both friends had too much to say about each other.

The beggar, wearing dirty clothes and also shockingly allowed in the restaurant, where he used to visit occasionally to make money, also learned a good lesson. Here’s how it took nothing more than a clever mind to understand the greediness of the beggar.

John says to the beggar, politely: “Give all those ₹300, which I gave you and I will give you ₹500 note. That will be enough for you, right?”. The beggar gleefully gives all the three ₹100 notes to John. Smilingly, John keeps back all the money (₹300) in his purse and says to Ram. “Let’s move from here and let’s have dinner somewhere else”.

The man (beggar) was shocked and he had left with no time to react as the two friends left him “cold and dry” in seconds. Ram and John laughed after leaving the restaurant. They sit in another restaurant, and enjoy a lot. The delicious food in this just another good restaurant made them feel a lot comfortable.

This restaurant has security guards and beggars not allowed. Both these two friends meet after longtime, finally had good time in this another but better restaurant. They’ll surely meet again in this restaurant in sometime.   

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