Google not showing number of results whatever you searched for

Google not showing number of results whatever you searched for

Google always from time to time changes its policies and keeps updating for users to benefit from. The goals not so clear to know. However, you still want to know why Google not showing number of results of whatever you searched. Before writing a blog, writers usually see their queries to have less number of search results, and so they start working. They start writing based upon less number of search results so that their topic looks to them as much as a different one. For example if you search Joe Biden to visit Singapore, which you know earlier than others. But if the number of search results for this query just too many or maybe more than 50,000?

And so you would likely to change your headline or the title of your post. Your blog no doubt includes all unique content, but at the same time you prefer less numbers in search results. You’ll prefer to use the headline above in a much different way as your content will be unique too.

However, Claudia Alvis wrote on, which is here for you to know: “It looks like Google is getting rid of the number of search results at the top of the page. There are many people reporting this issue in the past week. I can have the number of results from an incognito window but not from my logged account”. However, when Google not at all shows number of search results on mobile device, then it’s more likely the same to be applied for desktops too.

Number of search results not to be shown, more likely

Yes, if you prefer to use incognito window then you’ll find the number of search results. This might be for sometime. It’s assumed that in sometime even if you go incognito, you’ll not able to find the number of search results.

This is an assumption because once you’re not shown number of search results then going to incognito, will not be enough for you in sometime. This is so because Google has changed its algorithm. No wonder, another update would come to stop you seeing whatever the number of search results you want to know even if you use incognito window. Here, it’s more likely that number of search results not to be shown even if you use incognito window.

It’s again helps you to write mostly upon interesting topics, which provides information to the users. You provide information, which should be as a learning-subject for the users. Also about something not heard before, and written in a clear and comfortable tone. An information in short and in detail, but should be logical. On the other hand, bloggers benefit the most with this update because they keep writing informative content without bothering about how many articles posted on their chosen topic.

Everything changes with time. Be ready for more updates. It’s good for one and for all. Don’t worry keep doing the good work. Write compelling content and believe in your creative writing and research work. All the best.

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