India needs 3 million more doctors by end of 2023

India needs 3 million more doctors by end of 2023

According to experts, a real shortage of concern that India produces just about 15% doctors every year. The figure is even less when doctors from rich families prefer to work in United States of America. “The poor can only dream to become a doctor. But now it’s a harsh reality to see poor students can’t even imagine for medical education in India since couple of decades. Poor science students after going through lot of hurdles, end up doing nothing. However, India needs 3 million more doctors at least by the end of 2023. “Why there persists a situation when 1 million students want to become doctors, and there will be always 50,000 seats available”. Argue experts.

There’s a serious shortage of undergraduate seats and post graduate seats, which is the reason corruption occurs everywhere in India. It costs 400 crores to build a medical college in India according to the govt reports. But medical colleges do not require 150 faculty members to train 1000 medical students, and so why spend so much money?

The whole world changed and India haven’t changed. This is the reason many pregnant women die during childbirth. Many infants die. Most of the women require caesarian, and there’s a shortage of gynecologists in India. An expert, who knows India needs 3 million more doctors at least at present, says: “Allover the world higher medical education is free of cost, but not in India. It’s a worse situation”.

The Consequences

The consequences of poor students not to try to become doctors would be worse for India. If children from only rich families become doctors then they want to become specialists in those areas, where India do not require. Allover the world higher medical education is free of cost.

Every 12 minutes a pregnant lady dies in India. Why three lakh children die, the day they’re born? Statistically, India needs 2 lakh gynecologists and so on. India needs 5.2 million caesarians per year. To do this India needs more than a million doctors similarly in some other specializations like gynecology. But India has less than 50,000 gynecologists.

India has shortage of anesthesiologists, physicians and many more. The consequences would hurt India a lot if rich students allowed to study medical education and not the poor.

If poor students has a bit easier access to medical education, where the poor students always have the fire in their belly. They can work for longtime and prefer to serve the patients anytime. Rich people bother not to work a lot than what’s expected from the specialist doctors. So, India will be in deep trouble in the coming years if poor students can’t imagine of becoming doctors. This also includes there’s a real and huge shortage of doctors in India.

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