What top cricketers say about timings vs power for batters

What top cricketers say about timings vs power for batters

The top cricketers right from the Sunil Gavaskar era to that of Virat Kohli’s, include both power and timings. Power and timings are the two factors every batter including batswoman or batsman or youngsters need to know. Let’s know what top cricketers like Sunil Gavaskar (Presently a commentator) and towards the new era of top cricketers say.

There maybe no severe consequences for any cricket player as a batter if he prefers timings than looking at power. A batting coach earlier, told to one of the international team that: “I can’t teach you power. It comes from within you. Nobody in cricket world would teach power”.

However, in the daily lives people debate for some longtime about excluding power from the context of the game of cricket. Many would say power isn’t necessary, but timing is crucial in cricket for a batter. Well said.

No wonder what top cricketers believe is just good enough to stop too much of debate over timings and power. The top cricketers believe in both. They know without power, a batter couldn’t hit the ball for a six or a four. The boundaries keep coming, once you know that timings and power are the two factors to become a good cricketer.

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Power & Timings When It Matters

If you hit the ball too hard, the ball won’t reach to the boundary when it not timed well. You’ll be out caught somewhere on the legside or on the offside. What will this teach young cricketers? The teachings or trainings are just too simple. Youngsters having power become the best cricketers if they also prefer timing the ball. The reason is your power keeps you going while if required time the ball too.

A thick edge goes for a six when the ball edges the bat of a powerful striker. The same wouldn’t happen to the batter, who tries to time the ball instead and unfortunately edges the ball with his bat.

Either the ball edged not powerfully, would go as a four behind the keeper or caught at the slips. The batter prefers to play safely to use timings more often to remain at crease for a longtime. However, a strong player definitely uses power and timings separately or simultaneously. It comes to him or her spontaneously. If you depend always to time the ball even to the weakest or the very loose ball bowled, you can’t hit it.

Remember, how David Warner hit a Mohammed Hafiz loose delivery bouncing multiple times for a six! This happened in the T20 World Cup 2021 in the UAE. Warner used his power to hit the ball too hard and that went for a big six.

David Warner is a good player of the red ball cricket and also white ball cricket. If you prefer to play both red ball and white ball cricket. Don’t you want to be the Warners or Kohlis? Or just be like Cheteshwar Pujara.

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