Inferiority complex develops in people competing everywhere

Inferiority complex develops in people competing everywhere

Competing with others in every field would never help. People think that they’re far better than others in whatever they do, and so they accept not what’s told to them. This is why inferiority complex develops when people start competing with others even though that’s not required. Why can’t be one in peace of mind if some others given more importance than him or her? The reason is lack of proper education and the way they keep relations with friends and relatives. They maybe appreciated more in one of the circles of their social life, but not everywhere.

The intent of such people is all clear when they feel they’re isolated and much more in one of their social groups. However, they’re the ones, who do not take an effort to appreciate others because they feel they’re still better than others. Here, they may prefer to like their chosen people, but start ignoring many others. But when they need to accept criticism or jokes involving their lifestyle, which a particular group never knows a lot then they react violently.

“Violently” in the sense that they use unacceptable words to defend that they’re superior than what they do after keeping silence for a longtime. A slow and steady sense of inferiority complex develops, which breaks up relations.

How inferiority complex develops

Here, educated people need to understand their lack of ability to take things easy. They start getting hurt if one or two of their friends given more importance. Also they keep remembering small things, which needs to be ignored. They won’t do that because they want to keep relations with those people, who understand them and praise them a lot.

Difference of opinions would be there as everyone do not agree to accept everything. Inferiority complex develops in people, where when they start competing with others. Suddenly, when they see someone given more importance and this factor of importance or no importance, makes them arrogant.

Educated people need not ignore them if they show aggression. These people, who develop inferiority complex need not be ignored in case of not letting them know about what’s right or what’s wrong. One or two should inform them politely that they’re wrong, and so they’ll keep learning.

Inferiority complex is the state of mind, which comes in the way of those people, who think negatively and believe they’re always right. Why would one be right when someone shows the fact-checked and authentic report just to let them know the truth? The point here is they don’t care about what’s right and what’s wrong, but they think they’re targeted because they compete. Competing in social life is not good. Why would you want to become a “special person” in front of your relatives or friends?

Importance or care

There’s no gain at all. Also what will you gain by mocking at others? That’s fine and “mocking at others” are the words used here, when everything comes with limitations. If you cross limits to have fun this way then there’s lot for you to lose. Why would some people become “violent” without knowing or understanding someone else?

Inferiority complex develops in people, who believe that they’re given less care or importance. Everything will be fine for them if they start to forgive and do not prefer to become a “special person” among all others. Life is all about giving importance to all your relatives and friends equally. There’s no time for you to believe someone that they maybe right or wrong, but not always. A good day for one maybe on another day, there will be a good day for you. So, where from you want to create a dispute and win?

Yes, compete with people in building career, sports, and many other professional competitions, but do not compete in your social life. Social life or in social media, you’ve to relax and do whatever you want to, but with limitations. Why make fun of one or two to impress others and let others laugh?


No doubt it happens when you want to create a lively atmosphere and end up hurting someone too much because in them, inferiority complex already developed since a longtime. You would be surprised over their violent reaction, but then what you need to do? Use kind words against their reactions in order to avoid a dispute and let him or her feel you’re not his or her enemy.

There’s no time for all of your friends and relatives even to meet regularly on the weekends. It’s good if you keep things simple on social media too. React over those people, who accept their mistakes and ignore those people more often when you think they’re wrong. What’s the use when they think they’re right always.

A happy life is just to support all your friends and relatives equally than preferring to choose a few others. In your vocabulary of friends and relatives, you need to include the phrase “equality”. Move on.

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