Every Soul Shall Taste Death Often Ignored

Every Soul Shall Taste Death Often Ignored

People often ignore that every soul shall taste death. They move on to make their life even better by spoiling someone else’s. They have all resources to live a luxury life, but their wants never end. What they know about life and death just as another philosophical joke. Do they really mean or just at their back of mind know that their living in this world and of their relatives and friends would also perish in sometime. A brisk passing of time in their lives makes them nothing honest-time to understand that every soul shall taste death.

Time passes not rapidly, but it heals the wounds of the poor and the weak minded people, who know not much. They’re the ones, who live in trouble and their time passes very slow. Each day comes for them with some hope and at the end of the day, they again hope something good from the next day onwards. Life goes on and on and the world will end in sometime. Everything will perish. No more you exist after you completed whatever your lifespan, and so the world too has an expiry date. The date you never know and the time of your death, you never know.

Live in full of thankfulness to your Lord, Who Created this world and everything that reaches you as a blessing. If you think you’re suffering from hunger, poverty, hardships, oppression and so on then keep in mind that this time too shall pass. One fine day, you’ll know what’s the value of the life of you or others. You are in the world to be good to others and have to be clean with a mindset to be happy for others as you’re happy over your success. Your success in this life will still be remembered even after your death in a way, which you wouldn’t like.

However, do you prefer to be remembered as a good or a bad person? No matter what, you’ll be gone out of this world. So, have you prepared yourself to be good and at the end of your life to bring all good to you back after your death? There maybe so many questions, but you’ve to realize that to be truthful and away from hatred and crimes or sins would definitely help you at the end. Try to be as good as possible. Even try to become the best to know what will happen verily at the end? Do try your best to be good to each and everyone.

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