COVID Shocks India Again As Surprising Rise In Positive Cases Continues

COVID Shocks India Again As Surprising Rise In Positive Cases Continues

The Health Ministry said more than 3000 new COVID positive cases reported on April 28. In the last 24 hours the figure increased a bit more. The new wave of positive cases increasing day by day in India. COVID shocks India again as it was “normal situation” since couple of months. All are requested to wear masks and follow social distancing, it was further reported.

The active positive cases are currently above the 18000 mark. The prime minister Narendra Modi had to held a virtual interaction with several state chief ministers on Wednesday. This time there would be no “bang bang” or 9 minutes of switching electricity off along with lighting up of candles, and so on.

Surprisingly the build up of the stock of the COVID-19 situation across the country has reached a level of more concern. India reported over 3690 positive COVID cases and over 60 COVID deaths in the last 24 hours. According to various reports, all states in India to expedite vaccinations. It means the COVID-19 challenge is far from over.

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