Abuser Forgets Abusing You Then What Will You Do

Abuser Forgets Abusing You Then What Will You Do

You maybe too good to all the people around you, and also handle the pressure nicely. But even if you handled a tough situation when one of the abuser forgets abusing you then what will you do? You need to be proud of how tough or critical situations, you handled so well that even the eyewitnesses do forget. You maybe hurt a lot at that moment and then you don’t need to go back few years in the past. And remind the abuser, what wrong he or she did. One can’t clean everything. What comes to their mind is your offense which was just a response and they forget their faults. A precarious situation. Right?

Yes, you would fail in your attempts to explain that you were not that much wrong, and that was just your response. It’s silly that mocking, teasing, taunting or abusing in gathering or on one to one discussion, not regarded as crimes. So, there’s no punishment, whatsoever. Just leave everything, which keeps you wanting again to build good relations with that abuser. You want to build good relations because you know he or she is not that bad. It’s just the misunderstandings. Here, liars come in between and make things even worse.

Why Abuser Forgets?

The one, who as an abuser forgets abusing you then you don’t need to go deep in the past. Just remind the people around him or her that you did so because of what he or she did so to you. If the action has a reaction or a reaction is too much bigger than the action, even then it’s good to explain. However, if you want to show others about the negative side of that person, then you would fail because everyone is good with good people.

Good people won’t believe you, what if you were hurt a lot at that time. You made things possible to forget because you handled the situation so well at that time.

Politicians do mock, taunt, abuse and condemn when in opposition. Once they win elections, they do worse or bad than the former political leaders, who lost because of few mistakes. No one could explain them if they use all their powers not to attend press conferences and much more. The story goes on and on.

So, you need to keep patience even if the people around the abuser think that you’re wrong and the abuser is good person. It’s not the end of the world for you.

Make good friends. Be busy with what all good you do. You won’t have to explain that you did big or small mistake just once and so the abuser is good to others, not to you. Here, he or she as an abuser forgets abusing you because you were successful in taking things lightly. The reason also is that even eye witnesses do forget what the abuser did to you. So, how well you handled the situation, speaks a lot for you to be proud of.

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