PM Modi Wants To Continue As Dil Maange More

PM Modi Wants To Continue As Dil Maange More

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi replied when asked about his resignation, with an interesting quote. He said “Mai Alag Hi Mitti Se Bana Hoon”. This means he’s made from a different soil. So, at least he knows he’s made of soil whether it maybe filthy or not, but fortunately not made of fire. Jokes apart. He continues to say, “Abhi Aur Kaam Baaki Hai”. Means there’s a lot of work to do. PM Modi wants to continue ruling India as long as possible, to be in a top most position for some more years.

This again shocks too many journalists, who just informed PM Narendra Modi to resign as he’s about to complete 10 years in 2024. Whatsoever, there’s no doubt about why “Ye Dil Maange More”. Means, “the heart wants more”. PM Modi wants to continue ruling India as long as possible, to be in a top most position for some more years.

Already PM Narendra Modi’s age is over 72 years. As per the sources, it’s the BJP govt, who made the rule, which says about Indian PM’s age limit. The age limit of the Prime Ministers in India is not more than 75 years. So, the Prime Minister still wants to enjoy ruling India, having all high class, luxurious facilities, etc.

If you don’t know what PM Modi enjoys while ruling India then be aware. He’s having workers everywhere even someone writes his tweets and posts on social media. He wears costly suits and lives a luxurious lifestyle, using all facilities with the hard earning tax payers money. However, PM Modi never hesitates to increase the prices of petrol, diesel, gas and so on.

PM Modi wants to continue leading India and also it’s anticipated that more rise in prices to come in the way of the people, this year itself. And initially in the early 2023. By the time India would be in deep trouble, PM Modi would ask for donations and fight elections.

Imagine how India would be with frequent power-cuts, no jobs, no money to buy even a soft drink. Some people are so selfish in India that even if they’re troubled, they’ll be happy over someone else’s loss in business. They’ll drink just water in summer. They will eat rice with curd and live in hardship as long as they believe in the false promises of the BJP govt, which never will be fulfilled. PM Modi is here in India and he wants to enjoy ruling India.

What he usually do. He works hard to come out with a powerful speech. The speech keeps people calm. They start to think, let’s give him one more chance. The promises will not be fulfilled. But vote for BJP continues. That’s how nations get destroyed.

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