What Is High Value Currency Note In India

What Is High Value Currency Note In India

The high value currency note in India is still ₹2000. However, almost all the businesses around India accepting not ₹2000 note, but banks in India do. “When I recently approached SBI (State Bank of India) to collect my amount of ₹100,000 in cash, SBI officer offered me ₹2000 notes. I told them, I’m not sure this ₹2000 note will be accepted anywhere in India”. The SBI officer told “but we do accept ₹2000 notes”. “However, I thought it would some sort of issue to shop around in India. So, they gave me ₹500 notes”. That’s where it’s worth to note that what is high value currency note in India.

Obviously, the highest value currency note currently operating is nonetheless ₹500. “I asked a shopkeeper, “are these ₹2000 notes wiped off, to make myself ensured of its use”. He said, “no, nobody accepting ₹2000 notes, and it’s good that ₹1000 notes also wiped off”. “Oh what a great idea it was to wipe out ₹1000 notes by introducing ₹2000 notes. Hey, where are you? Did you know the chaos of 2016 demonetization? Forgot? It’s good to forget what has all happened since then. Let’s move on”.

The low to high ₹notes running successfully in India like the blood circulates, are ₹10, ₹20, ₹50, ₹100, ₹200, and ₹500. That’s all thanks or blessing in disguise of the demonetization, India’s transactions, now have become too easy. Moreover, ₹200 note is the gift for all Indians and the tourists. A story worth to note because in the middle of the way, ₹1000 notes also wiped off. So, it’s good to not accept ₹2000 notes from any of the banks in India or from anybody else.

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