KCR Says Economy Will Grow Right From Telangana No Need To Panic

KCR Says Economy Will Grow Right From Telangana No Need To Panic

Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao inaugurated the second phase of T-Hub claims Telangana is the startup ecosystem of India. The Chief Minister popularly known as KCR says economy will grow in India right from Telangana State, various projects also in the pipeline. “No need to panic. We’re not going anywhere near to what’s happening in Sri Lanka”.

KCR along with IT Minister K T Rama Rao, said, “it was in 2015, the first phase of the inoculation program, started. The IIIT Hyderabad Campus is already the foundation to grow India’s economy. KCR says economy will grow and Hyderabad is the central point for most of the Entrepreneurs to achieve success and provide job opportunities. Everyone is welcome to Hyderabad, to do business here and take advantage of the startup IT Hub, the T-Hub.

“The T-Hub is now would transform in quick-time to an innovation hub in India. The project yield fruits since the past six years of commitment towards it. We’re happy”. Said KCR. However, when asked why India is on the lower side to be the least happy country”. He said, “yes, there will be highs and lows. But Telangana State is focused to make India and its people proud of”.

The Telangana State emerged to a strongest State in India, always focused on outcome driven initiatives. “Telangana is all in a top position to help the global objectives, and of our entrepreneurs,”. Said KCR.

The World’s Best T Hub

KCR desires to build an India, known for its technological capabilities. “We have built a world’s best entity with T Hub to promote entrepreneurship. Every stakeholder would come forward to synergize their activities to support innovation and entrepreneurship,”. Said KCR.

The Chief Minister is confident that these startups will become strong roots of the Indian economy. He also quipped that Telangana would bring global recognition to the country.

The IT, Industries, MA&UD Minister KT Rama Rao also confirmed that the T Hub would impact at least 20,000 startups. This will be through its various program interventions in the next five years.

“T Hub’s inoculation and acceleration activities developed for both early revenue and for early growth of companies. The first phase of T Hub would be to focus keenly on globalization and capacity building with new foreign partnerships, firstly with Bangladesh and Uzbekistan. Also, the new phase includes presence of international partners from Japan, Korea, and Dubai, among others,” KT Rama Rao said.

KTR along with KCR says economy will grow T Hub will house startups, corporates, investors, academia, and national and international ecosystem enablers.

“The T Hub’s design inspired by the ‘The Charminar’ and the entire building stands on four pillars, making it the longest simple innovative structure in the whole country,” KTR said.

The new facilities built up in an area covering 3.5 lakh Sq-ft space. This is India’s largest model as expected earlier. This project costed about ₹276 crore. The premises will house more than 1,500 startups.

The T Hub 2.0 building supposed to be completed in the second half of 2019, but it was delayed due to COVID-19.

Facilities & More

Also, along with this program, the facilities known for, would run public and private partnership between the Telangana government and three premier academic institutes. These are International Institute of Information Technology: Hyderabad (IIIT-H), the Indian School of Business (ISB), the National Academy of Legal Studies & Research (NALSAR) and the University of Law.

So far, the T Hub supported more than 1,120 startups garnering about ₹1,800 crores of investment. However, basically to provide employment to over 2,500 people of all ages in Hyderabad from across India. According to the state government, T Hub also rents out office spaces and offers various services.

The mentors, investors, and the startup companies in the technology sector to look forward to. The people of India have nothing to panic. Finally, KCR says economy will grow and an achievement as expected would transform India as the best place for investors from abroad right from Telangana.

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