England to face South Africa in first ODI

England to face South Africa in first ODI

England to face South Africa after the defeat at the hands of India earlier this week. The cricket season allowing a lot of entertainment to cricket fans as England playing their first ODI in England against a visiting South African team. A formidable South Africa have slight edge over England. The ODI will be played at Riverside Ground

It was learned that Keshav Maharaj is the captain of South Africa to face Jos Buttler’s English men. A high profile match between the two sides equally matched, looks to go either way. A 50% winning probability so far, for both the teams, makes this match to be highly entertaining.

Top batters from the English side likely to perform are: Liam Livingstone, Jonny Bairstow, and captain Jos Buttler. The top bowlers likely to be picked are: Reece Topley, Mathew Potts, Sam Curran or David Willey. Top batters or bowlers from the South African side so far, not known. So here we go.

ODI 1 of 3 England Vs South Africa, 5:30 pm IST for the India fans.

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