Swati Chaturvedi Hopes New Prez Draupadi Protects Constitution

Swati Chaturvedi Hopes New Prez Draupadi Protects Constitution

Meanwhile a tribal woman sworn in as the President of India as Swati Chaturvedi hopes something more. “The only thing I remember as a political watcher of Prez Kovind’s actions is the sanction of the 80 hours Devendra Fadnavis & Ajit Pawar government. Hoping Draupadi Murmu as Prez is only guided by the Constitution which she is sworn to uphold” (Sic).

“We need a soldier to fight for the Constitution not a placeholder”. (Sic). She concludes by replying to Ashok Swain (Professor of Peace and Conflict Research).

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Swati Chaturvedi

Draupadi Murmu (born 20 June 1958) is a 64 year old first tribal woman to make a mark in politics. She was also a member of BJP politics and because of this Swati Chaturvedi hopes Draupadi to not become a placeholder. Draupadi served as the ninth governor of Jharkhand, from 2015 to 2021.

Draupadi was a presidential candidate for the NDA in the 2022 election, having won the election on this day, July 21, 2022. She is the second person belonging to a scheduled tribe contesting for the same post.

The first person belonging to scheduled tribe and the second woman as the president of India. It’s good to hope for now, but how the BJP deals with her is a big question. It includes the brainwashing that she have to go through as PM Modi is the lifetime member of the RSS. RSS is an organization, which was banned several times.

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