Swati Chaturvedi Questions PM Modi

Swati Chaturvedi Questions PM Modi

Swati Chaturvedi questions PM Modi and she retweets, a tweet by Ravinder Kapur. The tweet is (Sic) I can imagine what you must have gone through when you got to know Narendra Modi was snooping on STRONG woman Journalists. Old habits die hard.

Once, she tweeted, asking a question that how can a two term Prime Minister, bear so many grudges against some journalists and some opposition leaders?

Swati Chaturvedi


How can a two term Prime Minister a “strong leader” bear so many personal grudges against some journalists & some opposition leaders? Shows him up as a petty tiny man who in office uses weapons grade spyware Pegasus to target critics (Sic).

Swati is a print and broadcast journalist. An author, Swati Chaturvedi keeps exposing unacceptable policies of the BJP govt, which most of the people know not. However, some BJP followers do come up with fake posts as a “retaliation”, which goes on with hateful tweets. However, several popular twitter accounts also retweeted what Swati Chaturvedi questions PM, including Sakshi Joshi.

Sakshi Joshi is an independent journalist, who produced 1232KMs, currently streaming on Hotstar.

Swati Chaturvedi questions PM, Sakshi Joshi, Writer, Producer, Policies
Sakshi Joshi

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