Good looks to not make one superior

Good looks to not make one superior

Let’s know this firstly, for you, how good looks have nothing to with your superiority. You’ll be not a hero even if you maintain your weight, slimness, longhair and whatever makes you look good. If you’re away from inferiority complex, this matters a lot. Good looks are just like a cream to the cake of honesty and behavior. With a cake tasting badly, the cream won’t be good enough for you to eat even a piece of the cake (with cream).

“I’ve seen my college life since my Engineering days, a lot of studies, alongside having a better social life was in my mind. One of my classmate, was so dark; and to cut-short this in few words, one couldn’t able to see him at most for even more than 10 secs. You would not believe, but it’s true that most of the beautiful girls from my class, used to talk to him. He was so kind and hardworking student. He used to speak nicely, and he used to spend all his leisure time with girls pretty or not”.

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Still there are plenty of such stories, which makes us understand that good looks to not make one superior.

Good looks bad for some

You’ll have even better life though you might look bad to yourself, as you might think so, just in case. Mocked only by your close friends and siblings. The near-ones do create fun out of your features. But you’ll, if do not go in a shell and speak nicely, behave nicely, then there are plenty of good people to make you happy. Good looks do not matter at all.

What matters is the best quality and honesty in your sense of understanding. Don’t feel bad even if you look ugly in the mirror. You do possess some other good qualities other than the qualities of good looking people. There are plenty of good looking people, and plenty of people like you if you think so that your features aren’t good.

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Daily walks to shed your weight or applying various creams and looking at the mirror, not going to help you to be happy. One thing is for sure, be nice to everyone. Be good and keep patience to wait for the good times by ignoring to have good looks for any reason.

Things work in your favor or you’ll be liked by too many than disliked. If you ignore the mockers with patience then it’s good that you’re on a right path. Just keep in mind to be strong and focus on good behavior. Don’t panic at all. You’re an unique person like many or all the people around you, but your behavior need not be unique, it needs to be nice.

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